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Hello Everyone, New Here

I HIGHLY recommend AA the place to go for first timers, for sure! The atmosphere of AA is definitely opposite of GiGi's. The environment\atmosphere at AA is more relaxed, easy-going, laid back, and calm compared to GiGi's which is energetic, kinda fast, lots of commotion, things going on, people having fun, and lots of different people. The lighting there is at a low level too. Background music they play is at a medium level though, but nothing compared to GiGi's loud blaring music. That is expected of as it is a club. You can still have a conversation with another over the volume level of the music at AA without any real difficulties like "huh?" "what?" lol. If you do decide to go to AA, look for Jaye (owner of the bar) and say wassup. She is friendly and cool. I am sure she will make you feel at ease and comfortable during your stay. Did you review the image i took of me and Jaye in my thread yet? If so, or have not but you should, then you will know what to look for while you are there. That image was taken in August 2016, image is up-to-date.

As for the BEST days to go to such places, i can only assume as i do not frequent these locations on a regular basis. I would say that GiGi's, in my book, are best on Friday and Saturdays. I would have to say the same for AA too. Bars and clubs are more busier over the weekends than on the weekdays. So if you wanna go with less traffic\population, go on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

If you take my advice, there should be no regrets. I have posted alot of highly detailed information about my experiences to these places on my outings that should be pretty helpful to you as you venture out yourself. You will enjoy the experience. I hope you have a good time. Hell...sitting here typing out this response to you and thinking about it now, kinda miss it all. I have had some good times and you will too. And have NO fear of these places! They welcome us gurls with open arms. Good places, good fun, and good people.

Just don't forget! The entrance door into AA is in the REAR (enclosed patio area). The entrance door into GiGi's is in the PARKING LOT which is in the rear.

Have fun MelissaC and share us your story if you like afterwards! If you have ANY more questions, let us know and we will answer them. I enjoy helping, talking, and answering questions of gurls that seek me out. Display as a message reply in your thread, create a new thread, or shoot me a PM (PM = Private Message). If i can't help you, i am sure another gurl can or may direct you to one who can (if possible).

Princess Tiffany Heart


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