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Pleaser shoes
(12-19-2017, 05:01 PM)Toni G. Wrote: Sooooo Many Shoe Choices-and little $$$.   Wear what fits your style-- but be thinking how far you will be walking /standing. So many pretty pairs out there !!  Have some here that are good for photos and short periods-but Not for walking in.!  Have a pair of Black/Red Sandals coming from Found that site while ago.  They have some on the 'dance shoes" pages that can be ordered in diff heel heights.  Have not tried any Pleasers yet-only a few styles that I could wear with my bad feet. Open-toes Girl here. Many pairs that I like that I cant wear. Sad   But have some Lifestrides low wedges that are Comfortable that came from mall-walking Shoes!  Note on Block Heels---some of those can be difficult walkers because the "back edge" of the heel goes "straight down" instead of  "sloping inward"  Causes the back edge of the heel to be "farther back" under your heel-so they "hit sooner" than other types. Front goes down with more of a slap. Have a pair of Franco Sarto  4 in Block Heel Sandals that Look Great--but the back edge  of the heels are  1.5 in  further-back than my other pumps. Can Feel that when walking in them.!!  Lots of these styles on various sites that look Fantastic--but you Will Feel a difference walking in them!!   Blessings.. Toni  G..

I have never tried block heels but I always thought they would be easier to walk in.  Well, there goes that theory Undecided .

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