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Hello, I am Rose
I have enjoyed dressing as a Lady since my teens, very discretely and very much in secret. While I have always been male and heterosexual, I have worn Ladies clothing (mostly nightgowns and feminine undergarments) for relaxing and I confess because I really like my feminine side.

I was married for almost 40 years and regret and feel very guilty that I kept this a secret from her for all those years. Needless to say I was the ultimate "secret closet CD". She unfortunately passed away a few years ago and with much guilt I now very much embrace my feminine side and love for wearing feminine clothing.

So, I guess you could call me very new to this feminine passion, even though I keep privately to myself out of the fear of exposure and embarrassment. I just stumbled onto Janet's Closet and I plan to make a personal trip (if I can overcome my embarrassment and get up my courage) to her store.

Not having anyone to share my femininity with has been difficult. Perhaps this is the first step to finding understanding men and women


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