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Dating a crossdresser <3
Hi! <img src=" title="Smile" /> My name is Ivie, and I am not a crossdresser or transgender or anything. I know its weird of me to post here since I am not one of those things but I couldn't help it! My girlfriend is a crossdresser and will soon start her transition to become what she truly is inside: a woman. She loves it when I call her my "girlfriend". I am 17 years old and I absolutely love helping her dress up. She usually does it at my house because her parents are not so fond of her dressing up, since they are very religious... We have been dating a couple years now and she goes by Alice. With my help, she is becoming more and more comfortable with herself and is trying to convince her parents to accept her as she is. I bought her her first girl's outfit almost a year ago and since then she has expanded her wardrobe a lot. I found this website and showed it to her and she fell in love. We bought her first breast forms and some high heel boots from here. I say "we bought" because us being teenagers, we don't have a lot of money, so we each put our money together to buy them. This year she will be going to prom as a girl and we can't wait for that! I love all of you and can't wait until we finally save up enough to visit the store in person!
By the way here are a couple pictures of Alice.[Image: 601486_131475253671918_664680408_n.jpg]

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