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Its been awhile
Hey ladies! Its been a long time since I have posted on here. How is everyone? I'd love for some ladies to talk to so send me a message. Smile I have been crossdressing for 2 years now and will never look back. Being girly is the best. Who else agrees???
I've waited years to finally be the girl I was meant to be Big Grin love the clothes and shoes. Welcome back
Hello! its nice to meet you. I have never been happier since I started to crossdress. Feeling beautiful and attractive has made my life better. How long have you been expressing your feminine side?
I always felt better in girl clothes, it started when I was 12/13 and I've done it in secret up till about 2 1/2 years ago when I opened up to my roommate that I liked to dress. We finally got me some clothes of my own(as hers don't fit me*giggles*) and I have been shaved and dressing every day now since Nov last year. Oh I turn 60 this year
That's great that you have finally become who you are. I'm still really young and turning 23 in a month. Hopefully I can spend my whole birthday being fem. Do you have any favorite outfits and makeup? I would love some tips!! Have you ever been to Janet's closet before?
No I've never been there myself, didn't know it existed till just lately, but I have ordered some stuff from there. being new to doing my make up I would say watch the video's from the site(it's where I got my hints) but I'm still new to it, don't use a lot of eye shadow*giggles* OH and cheep makeup isn't worth it mostly, but it is a good start to practice with. I just Love all my outfits.

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