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Hi, I'm Crissi
I am new here, just joined. I made my first trip to Janet's Closet last week and it was wonderful. I have wanted To go there for years finally got up the courage. I was nervous but the sales lady, I'm sorry I don't know her name. She was a rather tall lady with blonde hair she was so nice and helpfull. I got a pair of platform sandals with 5" heels and a black satin pleated mini skirt and a pair of nylons to go with it. The first time I've ever gone out and bought any girl clothes for me. I love them if not for my situation at home I done think I would ever take them off. Needless to say I have a list of new things to buy next time. Thank you so much to Janet and her staff for a great experience. Huggs to you all from Crissi.

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