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make up removal
Im new to the cross dressing world. I am married and my wife helps me with discovering my new side. My biggest problem is the day after girling it up and being sexy, i have to be a man again for my kids and my job. This limits the makeup i get to use due to the eyeliner being next to impossible to remove. Its obvious that i was wearing eye liner the night before. How can i change this? I love dressing up but it doesn't feel right without the makeup?
For me , using soap and warm water was enough . I do take it easy with the eyeliner so that might be a factor .
Eye makeup is so sexy and seductive. Eyeliner and shadows are too fun to resist.
To remove, i use neutrogena oil-free eye makeup remover. Liquid in transparent purple bottle. And a bunch of cotton swabs.
(Old thread, but I'm bored.)

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