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long story ,but true
(07-21-2022, 08:14 AM)doozer2019 Wrote: Wow...I can understand how you must have felt when you thought you were caught red handed...or should I say, red

I love to get dressed every chance I get and since I work part time, I have a couple days a week when I have the house to myself. I take full advantage of those times.

I do like to push the boundaries a bit and being an exhibitionist at heart, I get a thrill when I know someone sees me. Of course, I'm extremely careful to make sure those times are people who will not know me.

We live in the country along a fairly busy 2 lane highway. Our mailbox is on the opposite side of the road. I will sometimes go to get the mail while dressed. I can see almost a mile in each direction and all the neighbors live opposite from us.

I will watch until there are no cars then go retrieve the mail. Love feeling my boobs jiggle when I walk!

There have been a couple times where traffic was coming as I made my way back but I think it was far enough away they could only tell there was a person crossing the road.

One bright sunny day, I was dressed. Tight dark blue t-shirt over my huge boobs, tight panties with my bits tucked nicely away. Since it was a tad chilly, I put on a tight pair of jeans. I had been checking the neighbors houses during the morning and everyone was gone. I had seen the closest neighbor lady drive away about 20 minutes earlier. 

So out the door I go. No cars in sight I walk briskly across the yard to the road and on to the mailbox. My boobs are doing a delicious dance under my tight shirt. Quick glance both directions...nothing.

I get to the box and reach in for the mail. Close the box and as I turn to go back, standing about 60 feet away, at his mailbox, is my neighbors husband!! He is looking right at me!! 

He waves and I wave back while crossing my arms, best I can, to hide my boobs. I then scurry back to the house, looking back once to see he is still looking at me. Yikes!

He has never said anything to me and gives no indication that he saw what he saw. Have spoken with both of them briefly a couple times since and they act as if there is nothing amiss. 

Needless to say, I am much more careful.

 Nice all is well with your neighbours, but now they must your about your secret life!

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