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Jackie is here
I am so happy to find this place, and I plan to visit the shop at end of the may when I have the long weekend off.
During my childhood, I looked like a girl no matter what I try, and other kids always made fun of me.  When I was growing up, I tried everything to damage my shape and skin to look not so feminine.  Even during college years, some roommates noticed I have little body hair and my butt looked too full.  With a lot of efforts, I finally made myself chubby with rough skin, and more hair.  Now I look nowhere close to a woman.
Fast forward to today, while the society became more open minded, the inner feminine me started taking over and I started regret all the efforts over the years to transform to a man.  Being middle-age now, and I just started trying the new life with maybe the "real me".  
I am very excited to come to the store in a month to discover how much of myself I can recover, and maybe I'll finally feel not isolated.  Most importantly I need to learn how to use makeup and see people of my kind.
Hope to meet some of you girls at the store some day!
Welcome to the forums Jackie! We're all very glad you found us.

Jackie - welcome to the Forum . Your story could have been mine . I too am getting a start later in life . Please keep us posted on your progress . Take care and stay safe , Dawna .
Jackie welcome to the forum. All of the girls here are very supportive, and make you feel wonderful As for getting a help with makeup and visiting the store, I would highly recommend that as I have had a complete transformation and am looking forward to another time that I can get another one done, by the artist that are at Janet's All the best Erin
Thank you Jodie

Erin, I have stopped taking male hormone, and I can feel myself naturally change back slightly. The voice and Big Hand cannot be undone, unfortunately, but I do feel a lot better.

Erin, that's the plan! I live only about 3 hours away.
Love that profile pic Jackielee, please tell that's you! Smile

(04-28-2017, 06:17 PM)JodieLynne Wrote: Love that profile pic Jackielee, please tell that's you!  Smile


yeah, Its a photo i took myself from my phone, after i got a new pencil skirt from kevin klein.  I love their line of pencil skirts, they make a really good focus on the curve.

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