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First Trip to an Adult Theatre........OMFG!
A little background: I have been to adult bookstores before, and played with guys as I was "under" dressed in sexy lingerie and I have been out in women's jeans & androgynous tops, but what follows is completely a new level for me!

OK, Saturday night was a night of firsts for me: 1st time leaving the house fully en-femme, 1st trip to an adult theatre, and 1st meeting with a FetLife friend!

I had been chatting with a guy on FetLife about going to the Adult World theatre in East Greenbush NY, and had really been dragging my feet. He was very reassuring and offered to escort me in.  I finally took a scouting trip Saturday, found the place and went in. It was clean, the clerk was friendly and I got a good vibe from the place.  I asked if crossdressers were welcome and the clerk smiled and said sure.

Headed home, texted Gary, and said I was going, tonight. He said he'd meet me there.  Soooooo, couple hours getting ready & building up my nerve I'm finally ready to go. Leave the house, and run right into my neighbor, his wife & 2 bawling brats.  I don't miss a step & head right to my car, get in and drive away.  About half a block away I pulled over shed the trench coat i was wearing and spend 5 minutes worrying about the neighbor.  On the road!

An hour later, I pull into the place, check my look and walk across the lot to the door, as another patron also approaches (Is this Gary, I wonder). Nope, just a guy who smiled at me ( ! ) and held the door. Thanked him and in I go a ball of nerves. Three patrons & a female clerk are talking, no one bursts out into laughter, so I buy my ticket (the clerk smiled as she handed me the stub and said "Here you go sweetie", so I smiled as I put my change in my purse), and proceed to the booth area. A good looking man walks up and says "Hi Jodie", and immediately I start to feel more comfortable, it's Gary. We enter a booth, and start getting to know one another. Touching, caressing, & making out, he made me feel very desirable & sexy and said all the things a girl wants to hear.  I couldn't wait to thank him for his patience and his compliments Smile   so I sank to my knees and was rewarded with a very thick and hard cock pointing at me. I truly enjoyed tasting & servicing that beautiful boner and I wanted him to enjoy every minute of it. And,  for being such a gentleman, I gave him my panties!
After we finished, we went to check out the theatre section, passing several guys and Gary said the sweetest thing:  "All eyes are on you babe"  I almost melted, right there!

In the theatre, there is one man watching the movie, Gary & I sit in the row behind him Gary unzips my skirt and starts playing with my clitticock which sets me moaning. The guy gets up, approaches and asks if he can sit next to us. I smile and say "Sure!"  He pulls out his cock, another fine specimen (Lucky Jodie!) and I start to stroke him. Gary leans over and says "blow him", so I ask the guy if its OK and he says yes. on my knees, sucking him, I hear Gary tell the guy "She's great at giving head" which fills me with pride, so I really work this guy until he shoots his load. Swallowing, I smile & thank him. he cleans up and leaves.  We left soon after since the place was closing, and Gary took a few pics of me outside.

A great, great experience, and I am very happy I went. I was so happy that I was smiling all the way home, and am still giddy reliving the events in my head
And here are some pics!  Smile

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What a great experience you had and your pictures are great Erin
Thanks Erin! Smile
[quote pid='5015' dateline='1493761497']

That was one hot story... Your so lucky to get 2 cocks in one evening.. I wish we had a place like that close here in my area... Hey, I been looking for you on sissy chat but you weren't logged on. Thought you might want to video chat on google hangouts... One of the members of club sissy joined me Sunday since the wife went shopping and I had about 3 hours to play. The gurl that I met on club sissy was really sweet and we had a video chat session but it was mostly me performing for her which was fine with me... She kept telling me how sexy and hot I was which made me so excited and ended with shooting a big load... If you want to video chat sometime,, let me know and we can see if we can get on line at the same time... It is lots of fun...
Lorren  Heart [attachment=1386]

Sounds like fun Lorren! I've just been crazy busy this last week or so, and haven't had time to visit the chatroom. Glad you are having fun there, my little contribution for spreading the love! Smile
#6 looked absolutely stunning in those pictures.
Thank you Paula!

I read your story yesterday and, while reading it, you had me biting my lip and saying in my head " lucky son of a *****" lol. I will respond more at a later time, when i have time. Will re-edit this posted message by adding more info. But for now, Thanxs for sharing the story!

Princess Tiffany Heart
I'm glad you all enjoyed my little adventure, and thank you all for the sweet compliments!

Just an update: A couple of other FetLife friends read my story ( posted it there as well), and saw an entry that I was thinking about going back on Friday the 5th. Well, the upshot is that I was strongly encouraged to return, and 2 gentlemen and one or two gurls said they would attend! I think my social calendar is opening up!
you lucky girl 2 in one night, surprised gary didn't have you do him again

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