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First Trip to an Adult Theatre........OMFG!
Jodie - OMYGAWD !!!!! your story REALLY stimulated my lower body thought processes !!! Take care and stay safe , Dawna .
LOL Glad you enjoyed Dawna! I'm putting together Part II, which took place Friday the 5th............ Preview Teaser: Wilder than I had hoped or imagined...........
JodieLynn can wait to read your story if it was a stimulating as the first cannot wait to here of your adventures on the 5th. All the best Erin
OK folks, this is the true story of my SECOND trip to an adult theatre while fully dressed En Femme.  Y'all may want to have your hankies handy!  Wink

So sorry there are no pics to go with this tawdry torrid tale of trysts, but I was a wee bit busy, as you will see.

Friday night, got home around 5.00pm, showered, shaved my legs & body  and dressed in red panties & bra, breast forms, wig and my fav dress!  Then, walked out to the car. No neighbors around, loving the sound of my heels on the blacktop!!  (HINT: moving quickly, in heels, you don't 'wobble' as much! Wink )  Drove the hour to the store, enjoying my femme self, stroking my stockinged legs, feeling oh so femme, reaxed and feeling soooooooo
fecking sexy!

Got to the theatre @ 8:30PM, ansd strolled in, purchasing my tix for the theatre. Smiling at the cute Black clerk behind the counter.  Decided to check out the theatre I hadn't seen last time. I get 'buzzed in" and see that there are @ 6 guys present. I sit in the front row, against the isle & watch the movie. a laughable example of gay porn, 2 "scouts" involved in a fuck session!  Well, at least they had their scout caps on............

Suddenly, i hear someone say "You look cute", I turn to my right, and am staring into the one eye of a rigid trouser snake!  Sooooooo, I did what every self-respecting gurl would do:  I first licked, then sucked the sweet offering given to me! After several minutes of my tender ministrations he came. All the while looking up into his eyes. It was then I realized the other patrons were watching ME not the film! After stud#1 finished, I wiped my lips then left that theatre to head to the other, larger one.

Along the way, I met up with a "Bear" who said "Lets go to the other theatre" Of coursee, I agreed OK, not so much agreed as willingly followed......

Theatre #1 was a bit larger & darker than theatre #2, and my bear-stud was waiting in a corner.  As soon as Iapproached him, smiling, he sank to his knees, pulled my panties to the side and started sucking me! I moaned out loud and leaned forward,placing my hands against the wall. That seemed to be the signal, because suddenly, I was surrounded by several beautiful, hard cocks!

Long story short, I ended up swallowing 6 loads of salty cum, with 2 guys jerking  off on my ass!
They tried to f*ck me, but I guess I was too nervous and too tight for them to de-virginize me!

This was the dress I wore.........

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What a great experience to have that many cocks to service and to turn on other have another one of the studs service you. I can see why they were turned on by your appearance the dress does and would turn on most men leather is a great turn on. Cannot wait to hear of your further adventures. All the best Erin
Jodie - You once again got the full attention of my big brain as well as my " little brain " !! Unfortunately , I am online at the local library , so I can't " ease the stress " until I get home . Also , where do you buy your leather ? I am looking for leather skirts and hotpants . Take care and stay safe , Dawna .
TY Dawna! That dress I got from Janet's. Sadly, it is now out of stock (I think I got the last one, sorry)
"One small step for GIANT leap for JodieLynne!"

So last night I met with another girl in Albany. She was there for business and our schedules clicked.  Got all dolled up and went to meet her at a gay club along the main drag ( lol pun intended! ), for a meet & greet. We hit it off & spent hours chatting dancing, and yes, kissing!
I felt totally at ease & comfortable strolling along the avenue, hearing the sound of my heels on the pavement, and NOT ONE negative comment or remark from anyone.  In fact, I am positive I got 'checked out' at least twice.........
The gay bar/club was another first for me, and it wasn't what I imagined (picture the "Frankie goes to Hollywood" music vid for 'Relax').  But it was just totally cool & laid back. No one hassling anyone, just folk having a good time.
Funny item: at one point, I went to use the toilet, and I guess I automatically started to enter the Men's, when the doorman said "Excuse me Miss, wrong one" and pointed to the Ladies! I smiled and thanked him.  Understand that I don't think I passed as female, but I was presenting as one, so it was appropriate to use the Ladies room.  Once in, there were a couple of GG's in there, they looked, smiled, I smiled back & went to do my business.  No hassles, easy peasy, lemon squeezy!
Y'all might be wondering: "Why the feck is there a ladies rom in a gay bar?" Well, it seems that the clientele is Gay, Lesbian, and straights!  Saw a few M & F couples, and quite a few lesbians  as well as gay men. And a handful of gurls.

Third time out of the gate and no issues!  Got to say that I am LOVING being Jodie Lynne! Smile
oh, the only bad thing to happen:  I broke a nail!  LOL

Peace & love to all my sisters & friends,
Jodie Lynne what a great experience you had, it would appear that you have the confidence present yourself in public as a
women and to be accepted is a great feeling. Sorry about the broken nail. but it would appear that you are having a great time all the best in your continued experiences. Erin
Erin, I am literally having the time of my life! And I am most assuredly, going to continue to expand my horizons!

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