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Hello to all. I am from SW PA and have been a sissy for over 60 years. i still am in need of all the helpĀ I can get.
Welcome to the forums Yvonne! We're all glad you found us!
I am glad as well. Thank you for your kind words! y
Yvonne - first of all , welcome to the Forum . Second , I am also from Southwest Pa . Am looking forward to possibly getting to know you better . Take care and stay safe , Dawna .
Dawna, What a beautiful name! As I speak of SWPA I am Southeast of Pittsburgh, about 40 miles. I would also love to get to know you better. How can we do that? Do you dress often? .
Yvonne - first of all , thank you for the compliment ; Yvonne is also a beautiful name ( I have been in love with Yvonne DeCarlo ever since I was a little kid ) . I am 15 miles North of Pittsburgh . I am planning my " Coming out party " during a cruise in November . I am in the process of building my wardrobe . Sometimes I dress in the evenings ; my life is too long of a story for full details . Are you receptive to an e-mail " relationship" ? Let me know - I will gladly give you my e-mail address . Take care and stay safe , Dawna .
Good Morning Dawna! I marvel at that beautiful name. I live in Connellsville. Yes sweetheart, I am very interested in an email relationship. I ask for the most intense discretion. When you see my email address, you will know why. In the first week on October I am attending a conference in Livonia, MI. Looks like a few miles from Janet's Closet. Peace! yvonne
Yvonne - I tried to send you an e-mail here at JC but it got bounced back to me as " undeliverable " . Any idea why ? Take care and stay safe , Dawna .
[email protected]

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