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I have been dressing for a long time, I started out wearing my mothers shoes, ( i guess that is why my byfriend calls me Emelda,) I love shoes. I buy them from everywhere on the net, I have even tried them on dressed as my regular self, a guy. <img src=" title="Crying or Very Sad" /> I do wear my dresses all the time when I am at home, with heels or sandals if it is warm outside. <img src=" title="Very Happy" />
I hope to meet some of the girls on here if your everin New Orleans, it is a party city. Just don't go out alone, girls stick to gether!
Very nice tips shared. Thanks for the post.
Hi TJerri
Just read your post and wanted to say way
to go on becoming a lady and raising your
own set if "babes". I too have been crossing
since I was very young off and on. I also
live alone in the country, but the town I'm near
is very small & everybody knows everybody,
so I haven't gone out in public around here.
I stay dressed pretty much full time out here,
which is nice, I love to do things all dressed up
and at night I always sleep in my silky sexys. I've
just ordered a set of silicon breast forms and can't
wait to try them out. Anyway, if you have time I
would be interested in the hormone treatment.
ie; where to get hormones, side effects, how they
feel & look, etc. Thanks for posting your photo
and for sharing.
xxoo Kandy
I think the reason for me not feeling the need to date or have a sexual encounter of any kind after high school comes from I've never had a strong person in my life . There have been a few women I've been friends with but that's it . With the passage of time , I find myself wondering what it would be like to go out with a man but I doubt I would let myself do so . If I did , I would be open to dancing , holding hands , or kissing but that's it .
Kandy , that's a picture of Lucky . Sorry to disappoint you . I'm not brave enough to post pictures of myself , as least not yet .
Hello everyone,

My femme name is Alayna, I have been crossdressing on and off since I was 10yrs old. I have been married 3 times and am now widowed, my first two wives had nothing to do with my crossdressing. Now that I am widowed I figured that I can indulge in my passion and fully dress. My late wife's sister said that she will help me and is excited about doing so.
Crossdressing always been accepted for those who where in theater or in a band or as part of a comedy routine ,otherwise on a stage .
It's a tuff secret to keep and other than sashaying around the house or going to a cd friendly bar there isn't much else to do.

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