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Becky here...i'm new
i'm Becky, from Warren, MI. I've been dressing in my moms clothes since...I think I was about 14. Her heels fit me perfectly. I am a true submissive. Since then I've loved dressing as a little slut. So far, I've only been a submissive to men online (on web cam). I've ordered my clothes online as well mainly because I've been too scared to go in a store and shop for high heels, stockings, etc.

I want to make my first shopping experience at Janet's. I have to be honest, I am really scared and unsure. On one hand, I want frilly sexy clothes, but on the other I don't want anyone to know how much of a sissy girl I really am.

I will make it to Janet's one day...

Hello Becky,

Wow… having read your post, there is sooo much that I want to say… but let's begin with a short reply and see where this goes.

Not sure how to take the submissive angle only because I personally do not relate that to my Nicole side. However, being 'older' and always 'hidden' behind closed doors I can directly relate to the being scared and unsure. But I finally have cross over that line and I had my 1st… well really my 2nd transformation, at Janet's… with my closest and oldest friend. He is gay and had a hard time coming out, so I felt obligated to let him know… that though I am not 'gay' or the 'G' of LBGT… I am the 'T' of LBGT. Wow was he relieved to know that he was not 'alone' amongst his friends. Well anyway, he came along to Janet's with me for my transformation. It was a blast and it was scary and it was frightening to see how much my Nicole side has aged. That was difficult. Well I have gotten over it and I made my 2nd trip to Janet's to shop… for heels! I would encourage you to make the trip. My guide was Bunny, she was also the one who did my transformation, and she is a great person. I am looking forward to returning in several weeks to shop for my wig. I want one that will hide my most masculine features but also be passable. I am looking forward to another transformation with my new wig and hopefully they will have some new outfits to shop. I am already planning for the follow up visit to have Bunny show me how to apply my own makeup.

Whew… that was longer than I meant and I truly am sorry to have gone on this long.

Anyway, be brave and invite someone you can trust to share your journey with. It is a great help and stress reliever to know that you have someone to confide in.

Best to you Becky,
thanks for the message, Nicole. I am going to be brave. I plan to make my first trip to Janet's soon. I love wearing really high heels and am looking forward to trying some on.

Thanks again for the advice and I'll update you on how my 1st shopping trip went.

~ Becky
Hi Becky,

Being scared is to be expected.

You are beginning a journey into uncharted area's. Online shopping is by far the best route to go when
starting out. I wish that option had been available to me when I started dressing over 30 years ago.

Go to you tube and check out the many videos on makeup, wigs, dressing etc. That will be a big help for you to have an idea of what look you are going for.

Every journey begins with the first step. You've taken that step, so take a deep breath and press on.

Huggzz Joanna
Hi Becky - have you made the trip to Janet's yet? I plan to go soon and I'm coming from a bit west of you. If it would help, maybe we could make the trip together. I am a straight guy but I like cross-dressing and I think it's important to encourage everyone to be confident and own their sexual expression. Drop me a note.

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