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Hello All
Hi All, 

I am new to this site, but not exactly new to crossdressing. While I have yet to be transformed from male to female, I have been wearing lingerie off and on for the better part of 30 years. One of my biggest desires it to be totally made up to see just how much of a lady I can look like. 

My only problem is that I can not find a good transformation salon in my area like the one at Janet's Closet. 

Like many of you on this site, I can not explain why I love wearing lingerie so much. I am married to a wonderful woman, but can never reveal my secret to her as she would never understand it. I wish she could as it would make my wanting to experience living as a woman (at least part time) so much easier. As it is now, I can only dress up when I have free time alone at home. 

I hope some day in the near future I can get to live out my dream of becoming a lady. Until then....


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