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Hello Everybody
Hi everybody, my name is Shelby and I am new to this forum. I'm also new to this "hobby". After years of fantasizing about wearing boots I heard about Janets and finally went in to the store this week to buy some in a large size. I ended up with thigh high pvc boots, a leather mini and white fishnets. So, my first lesson was read those labels so you don't end up with black boots a black skirt and white fishnets. I was nervous going in but it was great when I got there. Bunny was so helpful that it felt natural for me to be there. It wasn't until I was headed home that I realized how amazing it was that I had just purchased age, size and gender inappropriate clothes and didn't even feel weird doing it. What can I say, when I fantasize about dressing like a girl, it's not a nice girl I'm thinking of.
I'm also kind of wondering if I should have started with the five inch heels, but like I said I kind of want to be a bad girl. Hopefully I wont become a bad girl with broken ankles while I am learning. My goal is to someday find a group to dress up and play a bit with (in relative private), but I'm not ready for that yet. Hope to talk to some of you soon. Any advice for a newbie would be appreciated. I am straight by the way.
Hello ShelbyAnn!

I am Niocle and I am relatively new to the forum as well. Yes, my hat is off, to Bunny! She made a rather awkward transformation a lot of fun for me and my closest friend that went with me. I have been re-learning a lot since I have been away from my inner girl for almost 10 years! I am genuinely exploring now.. I have joined a LGBT group and am talking to a girl friend about some of the HRT products that are out there. Also, I am hopeful that she will help me to perfect my make-up and wig accessories. I would like to be able to be 'out' in attendance of a Diva show in late August in Columbus, Ohio.

Meeting a group has been very up-lifting for me and I would guess that it would be for you as well. Good luck with your adventures/journey and maybe one day we 'girls' can meet and chat.

I am also straight… so I guess that makes me a closet lesbian?:-)


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