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new and excited
I call myself Bobi and I am a closet crossdresser from Grand Rapids, Mi. 6' tall and 170 #'s, 48 years old, thin and sexy in my gurl cloths. Would like to meet other gurls or guys to hang out with while I am dressed as Bobi. Some day I hope to make it to Janets as I have been in the closet a long time and been to this site more than I can count, filled my basket with tons of things but never the nerve to make the order. Would love to get a makeover done to see if I can pass to go out clubbing or just find a real man to spend some private time with. I guess you could say I am more of a slutty dresser as I prefer satin, silk and lace along with a higher heel and short skirts, etc....
Dont feel bad Bobi. I have been in the closet for as many yrs. as you have been alive. Im 62 and have been actively dressing since i was 14 so thats 48 yrs. for me. I also love silks, satins, lace and nylon, and even cotton can be very comfy too. Ill just admit it freely and openly, i love wearing women's clothes and undies. They feel sooooo good. Dontcha think?
Welcome to the forms hope to see ya around sounds like we got a lot in common

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