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My first Post
Here we go, WHEW! I finally figured this out. Hi everyone. My name is Steph62. The 62 is my age and i have been CDing for many yrs. since i was 14. I have totally enjoyed it the entire time. Over the yrs. I have purchased a lot of not only women's clothes but underwear also. I have bought it online ad finally decided that buying it in stores was no big deal so I've been buying clothes and undies there too. Lol. I happened on Janet's here in my search for another pair of breast forms. The ones i have are coming up on 20 yrs. old and definitely are in need of being replaced. Lol. I now want to be able to glue them on. Ive never been "Out" so to speak but i have walked out to my balcony ant patio usually at night time. Its not that I'm scared or anything i just don't go out dressed up. I have a beard and mustache which i like and don't want to shave it off and a woman with those...... Wouldn't look to good. Lol
Id love to talk with anyone in here if you want. So ill cut this short for now or i could write a book. Till then...
Welcome Feel free to message me when ever sounds like we share a lot
Hello Steph62,

I am Nicole… 64. I have been in the closet for most of my years, but have had a few 'outings' whislt working out of town. I am an IT contractor of many years. I am just getting my feet, 'heels' under me and am looking to finally come out. I am told only a few… must closest friend, my eldest daughter and one other. They have all been very supportive. It's a shame that I didn't come to this decision 30 or even 40 years ago… I was soooo much more attractive! lol

Anyway, I would love to chat with you anytime and share thoughts and plans.


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