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I'm Trixy.  I am a  mid 60 year old girl.  I live in a suburb north of Columbus, Ohio.  I have dressed on and off for years.  I have purged clothing many times but found myself dressing again.  I am in very good physical shape as I work out as often as can.  And, if I might be a little bold, I find that I still look very good in a pair of sheer pantyhose and heels.  I need help with my lack of make up skills so I am reaching out.  I hope to hear from others and chat or meet and possibly more with the right person.
Hello Trixy! I am Daisy from Alabama and newbie here Smile
Hello Daisy, and welcome from Az. Don't be afraid to tell about yourself, or to ask questions. Somewhat new to this forum myself-although have been dressing on-and-off for decades. More of us out here than I ever thot.. good to know we are not alone. Blessings...Toni G.
Hey Trixie! I would like to meet you, we live nearby, I can rent an alamo rent a car - and have fun. Let's meet somewhere in a cafe and talk?)
Welcome to the forum Girls!
Hello Trixy! I am Olivia Foster from Manchester. [Image: smile.png]
Hello Trixy. I am not far away. Just north of Lima, OH. Welcome
You can call me Taylor
Hello Trixy Welcome G/F  Heart
Welcome to the forum Trixy, a lot of girls here that can help with makeup.
Enjoy, be brave, live the life you will be proud of!! Rolleyes

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