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My story
The response from my wife floored me. She had known. She wanted to help. But she passed away before I could seriously consider therapy or implants or even srs.So all my plans went on hold. But now actively seeking a Dr. to help me start my journey to complete womanhood. While my life as a man was never easy, it's better now because "He " has stepped aside so I can live as me. I'm happier than ever. I hope to start therapy real soon. Thanks to certain supplements, I now have very small breast development. Just hope I find the right Dr. for me. And I really hope to meet other girls like me for friendship and just talk about everything.
Hi, I'm Devandra or Dee. I have been dressing on and off since I was 10 and am part time and the last several years I have had the urge more than ever to pursue full time . I been dressing part time for several years every time I can just about every night. I am currently dating and have been on several dates so far with guys who have been nice wile dressed. Hope to meet some Gurley's out there and share all... hugs

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Thank you for your interest. I to am currently dating a very nice and understanding man. We were going out to dinner, but he had to work tonight. Oh well, we rescheduled for another night. Yes it is nice to meet other girls like me. I hope that we will become good friends. Hugs and kisses.

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