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Another Shoe Find...
Made another surprise Shoe find today. Was in the gw store today, and found myself at the Ladies shoe rack(again). Seems cant stay away from them. LOL. But suppose have always been a "shoe girl" Found a pair of Vera Wang Platform Wedge Sandals-black- that are large enough. Comfortable, and seem that should be able to walk in them. Not bad when you can find useable shoes that were prob $100 new, for only a few bucks. With bad feet and weird toes, can be difficult to find open=toes that are "open" enough in the toe-box area. Been watching the videos on yt on how to walk in heels. If I can master that one-foot-in-front-of-the-other sway-should be more passable. Smile Blessings, Toni G.
    More shoes this wk. A girl can never have enough shoes. Came across three pairs of cute wearable shoes. All are open-toes. Low wedges w/ 1 in   Cute off-white 1.5 heel pumps w/bows-they feel sooo good wearing them now. But the best find are the taupe colored Via Spiga platforms w/4 in heels. "Italian" shoes, barely-used. couple of scuff marks to rub out. Really Cute Pumps. For only a few bucks. The Franco Sarto block heels that I found wks ago are nice, but because of that design the things are not as comfortable to walk in for any distance. Front of those sandals Do go down with a "slap" Picked up some more ladies Tees for wearing around the apt over my bra and breastforms. Sometimes I don a wig and make trips to the mailbox or to take trash to the dumpster. Since its dark, do this w/o makeup. Its Fun, if only for short distances..  Blessings... Toni  G.

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