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Hello All
Well I signed up about a month ago and am finally getting enough nerve to post.  I was so happy to find this forum.

I have not been able to get dressed up for about 35 years or so.  I have always loved women's clothing and wore some before getting married.  I worked in a department store many years ago and would borrow dresses to try on then return them.  This was a time before constant security cameras.  I would buy lingerie and stockings(for my girlfriend, LOL) to wear under my jeans once in a while.  I still think of getting dressed up quit often.  I think a trip to Janet's for a transformation would be a great thing to do someday.  When I would dress up a long time ago I would only wear the dresses and lingerie.  But since I have found this site the idea of a wig, breast forms and make up has been creepy into my thoughts.  

The past couple of years Trans porn has crept into my online viewing.  I love seeing a MTF dressed in lingerie and have even thought of  being with one, even though I consider myself straight.

I got my name from a lady in a chat room many years ago when I mentioned that I wanted to try cross dressing as a fetish to try out.  Never thought of using a girly name before that.  She then called me Cynthia after that.  I added the X just because I thought it would make me more slutty because I would try about anything once.

Cynthia welcome to the forum all of the girls here are great and helpful. As for going to Janet's for a makeover this is one of the best experience that I have had. They make you feel so welcome and are very helpful in making you look as feminine as you feel. All the best in exploring Janet's Closet. Erin
Welcome,Cynthia. You will find many helpful things here on Janets forums. My CD history goes back many yrs also. Did stop while married, but that"thing in my head" was still there. Not one of those interested in the porn stuff, or the sexual-encounters things, but in being "passable" once and a while. But then I'm a gazillion yrs old! Smile The internet, and sites like Janets, make looking for things Sooo much easier now!. Prob never be able to have a transformation, but it would be Fun. Blessings, Toni G.
Thanks for the kind welcome Erin and Toni.

Toni, I too am like a gazillion years old. So we are able to bring experience and knowledge to the yung uns. LOL

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