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A Day I will never forget
Hello all. I just wanted to let you all know about the incredible day I just had at Janet's Closet. Let back up and say that I have until last Friday I had never said the words to ANYONE "I cross dress". I have had a hard time getting clothing for myself (I am 6'4" 280). Friday I came across Janet's website and I decide to call and ask a few questions. Missy answered the phone. I started rambling on making know sense. Finally Missy said "take a deep breath". I did, and then she said "ok, now what can I do for you". I just blurted out "I am a cross dresser". Wow... I can't believe the words came out of my mouth. So we conversed and I asked my questions. I told her I would be in on Monday (today). All weekend I was excited, relieved, and nervous all at the same time.

Fast forward to this morning. I woke up with eager anticipation. I underdressed and headed out to Janet's. It was a long drive and as it went along, my anticipation turned to fear. I got out near the store and it took me an additional hour of driving around to get up the nerve to go in. When I walked in, there were three employees standing behind the counter chit chatting. I asked for Missy and she came over and took me off to the side. I told her I was Kayla and she remembered our conversation. She asked if I had brought any of my outfits like we had discussed. I told her I was underdressed and had some additional items in my bag. She said "great....where would you like to start. Would you like to change. Being as nervous (shaking) as I was, once again not being able to put a sentence together, I told her I would like to look at shoes, but not as Kayla. I said I am hoping Kayla will come out today. She said not problem and we headed to the shoes. WOW... what a selection. I was in heaven. So many to choose from and I am a size 15 men's! From our conversations she knew that I was looking to complete a tasteful, non conspicuous outfit to start my slow progression of stepping out in public. She also knew my end goal, which I will get to in a minute. Anyways, we settled on a 3" black, closed toe pump. She went and pulled a few options for me. Yes, I did say options. I tried on 4 or 5 pairs and selected the ones I absolutely love. She said, ok... what's next? I said... maybe Kayla should come out. (That's how comfortable I was). She said GREAT! So off to the fitting room I went. primped myself, took a VERY deep breath and opened the door. I got a thumbs up response from her and she said... ok now Kayla needs hair and breasts. We tried on many options of both and she helped me to get all fitted and straightened out. In the mean time she brought me a frilly short skirt to finish off the ensemble. So here I was, black pumps, black stockings, gray and black flowing blouse, black skirt, size c silicon breasts, sunglasses that I bought for the occasion and my hair. I looked in the mirror and I was floored!!!! She said, ok, now what? I said I really need a cigarette and she said well you can step outside the door. I must have looked at her with a look of terror because she then said she would go have one with me. When we got to the door, she said "ready?", I took a deep breath and said yes. She opened the door and out we went. OMG!!!! I did it!! We had the smoke and went back in and worked on additional body shaping (gaff and special panties to help flatten the tummy. I made all my purchases and now it was time to put together my "wish list" for Kayla's true coming out. Being the type of person I am, I need to set dates otherwise I will chicken out. In March I am traveling for work to a location where I have been to a drag queen/ cross dresser bar. I really liked the bar and people, so this is where I think I will be most comfortable coming out. I want to turn heads. This is where I will be dressed sexy. So... she took me around and we chose dresses to try. All four were fitted dresses, so I told he I thought I needed more help on my shape. I definitely need a corset to get that hourglass shape. We selected one and then worked on the shoes. She suggested boots. I told he I would trust her judgment on that so she picked out a pair of knee high bright red 6" platforms. I almost choked. Well... that was her call, so I tried them on. They fit perfect. I walked a little and agreed to them. She said.. ok let's put it all together. I said I needed another smoke and she said I was on my own this time. Once again, the nerves came back, but I looked good so I decided to go. When I came back, they laced me up into the corset and I put the first dress on. My outfit would be the red dress, black tights and the boots. I avoided looking into the mirror until I was complete. When I finally did I almost cried. I thought I looked so good. I couldn't believe that I could ever look that sexy! When I walked out, the smiles on all the staff's faces told me I didn't need to try any other dress. They nailed it. My only regret is that it was not in the budget to buy everything today. SOON though. I was so into the day, that I asked if there was any way to get my makeup done by their tech. Unfortunately she was leaving soon and did not have time. I would have loved to see it all put together, but now I have an excuse to drive out there in the next week or two!!!

After I changed back into my everyday clothes to go home, Missy gave me a big hug and said that we had a good day. I could only fully 100% agree.

So as I sit here in my new look, beaming from ear to ear typing this out. I want to Thank Missy for all her help today. You changed my life! I also want to that Janet for providing a store like this for people like us. You are the best.

If you haven't been to Janet's, you really most!

I am sorry I am so long winded, but I am giddy as a school girl right now.

I will report back after I have my makeover!

The new and improved,


Sorry.. I just realized I posted in the wrong spot
It's OK,you had an exciting and fun filled day. Any girls head would be spinning.
Wow I would love to do that,.but I don't think I have the nerve. I admire you girls that can throw caution to the wind and just be you.
Sissy... if you are in the area of Janet's you should go. Trust me... they are great at making the nerves go away.
Maybe one day we'll see, for now I'll just shop and get all my stuff sent to me. If I do get the nerve and go I'll take pictures and send them to you.
Hi Kayla,

It sounds like you had a GREAT! experience. My first visit to Janets was several months ago for a makeover by Bunny. She was great to and I just had a great time. I am slowly progressing on my journey and am looking forward to my next visit.

Join Date:Oct 2015Posts:17

Yesterdays events were a real confidence boost for me. Today I decided I should do at least one thing that I have never done. Maybe it was because of the adrenaline I am feeling. Anyways, I have this beautiful skirt that I bought online. It is way too big for me. I decided that given it was the month of Halloween, I could probably pull off going to a seamstress to have it altered. I found one online and called in advance. I told them that I needed a skirt altered for my costume. Asked if she would be uncomfortable with altering a skirt for a man. She said no at all. I asked he what I should wear underneath. She told me to bring everything I planned on wearing with it. I figured that she meant underwear, but I was going to play dumb. I underdressed with my gaff and a nice black body shaper to tuck my tummy. I also wore a pair of black nylons. I packed a bag with my shoes and blouse. When I got there, she was fitting and older, attractive lady. She asked if I was there for a fitting and I said yes. She said, go into changing room and change and come out, she would be right with me. Well I went into the room and put on the skirt and stood there waiting. There was no way I was walking out while she helped the other customer. A few minutes later she knocked on the door and said, you can come out. I cracked the door and saw that the other customer was still there with her back to me, so I opened the door a little more so she could see how I was dressed and said that I would wait until the other woman was gone. She winked at me and said ok.

Once the coast was clear, she again knocked on the door and asked for me to come out. I opened the door, holding my pumps and asked her if I should wear them. She said, no, but I could if I wanted too. Of course I did. Anyways, she started pinning up the skirt, making small talk. At one point, she asked me if this was a Halloween costume and I said yes. When finished, I changed back and went to counter to give her the skirt and pay. She asked my name, and I though "what the hell", and I said Kayla K! She didn;t even flinch. She then asked if I had ever been there before to which I replied "no". With that she handed me 4 or 5 business cards and said to me "give these to your friends and let them know they are all welcome here". Wow! If only she knew that she is only the 4th person to know about my dressing

Another positive experience! Not sure what I will do tomorrow.

BTW... I am dying to see how I look in this skirt when it is done!!!

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