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Heh Everyone
I stumbled onto this web site and look forward to visiting the store. I am a deeply closeted cross dresser / transexual who has dressed on occasions and even transformed (but did not go out) once in Las Vegas. I had gone out a couple of times when I was younger and even had a female friend once who new my desires. Like I am sure everyone has experienced, i began to sneak my cousins clothes when I spent time over her house when I was 4. I had no sisters and ocassional wore my mom's clothes. I denied my dream all my life getting married and having a family - to this day I do not want to hurt them or change their image of me. Yet, especially when I am stressed, I can not help but imagine what it would be like to transition and live as a woman - the yearning can be so strong at times. I have gone through the depression and anxieties even though I accepted myself through counseling in my 30's and 40's. I cherish those moments when I can dress and the only regret I have is when I have to change back. From everything i am reading. I look forward to spending time being the woman I always wanted to be visiting Janet's Closet. Thank you for allowing me to write so much.
Welcome Jackie!
Thank you Kaylak. I as hoping to meet or chat with some people.
Well, I think I am the only one here
Welcome Jackie,such a pretty name.
Hello Jackie,

I know your pain… I also have a wife and family. Recently, within this past year, I just could not stand all the loneliness and isolation that I (Nicole) has had to live with. With that I finally shared with my closest friend (who happens to be gay but not a cross-dresser) and my eldest daughter (I have 3 adult children). I was pleasantly surprised to find that both were not only accepting, but also felt that I might have been somewhat 'different'. Evidently I sit more like a girl and my hand expressions are feminine.

Well I have been up to Janet's (I live in central Ohio) several times… even let Bunny do a transformation for me. Well that has led me to where I am today… and that is that I am building my wardrobe and I am planning on my first 'outting' later this year… with more changes to come.

Anyway, I apologize for having gone on so much about myself. Let me say welcome and I hope that we might chat more.

Hi back to each of you. Thank you so much for saying Hi and sharing. Nicole you shared so much and my best wishes are with you. I think that is so great you had such support. I am sure you realize I am going through the "everyone will hate and abandon me". I really do not know what I will do but know I need to do something. I hope we get to chat more. I would love to hear more about your how things are going for you. And , to all of you, I have always felt I always wished I had girl friends and would welcome the opportunity to have.... well girl talk.

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