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Hello All
Hello Room

My real name is James but my fem name is Amy. Wanted to say how glad I am to have a form on Janet's closet. I have been shopping on the site and love how Janet helps out and how everything is a lot more realistic. Wanted to share myself and hope to meet a lot of nice people here and hope to make friends.

Thank You

Hello Colleen:

Pleasure to meet you. Some of my favorite things from JC's would be the breast foams. I love how realistic they look and feel and how long lasting they are. The body shaper is real nice as well.

I just wish that I lived closer to JC to take advantage and want to do the whole transformation service.

Talk to you later

Hello Colleen

Well, I have worn my breast foams with a Victoria Secret Bra. I have found a real good bra from Victoria Secret.

Right now my favorite type of outfit to wear is a gymnastic leotard.

I am also a real big cosplayer and I make my own costumes and I am looking forward to Phoenix Fan Fest cause I will be heading out there dressed as Raven from Teen titans.

I have pictures of me dressed up in my Raven costume and as it's progressing.

I am currently working on my Zelda from Hyrule Warriors costume and cannot wait to be Zelda at Phoenix Comicon.


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