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New to JC
I am new to this and finally got the nerve to visit you store yesterday. Missy helped me buy breast forms, a bra, and a blouse and made me feel very comfortable. I was somewhat nervous the entire time and, thinking back, I did not take full advantage of my visit. After getting home and trying on my purchases, I wish that I had been a little more relaxed while in the store and considered other clothing. I will definitely revisit the store and I feel will be more relaxed. I have been on the web site today and am making note of items I want to buy and/or try on.

For all of you who have not been, I highly recommend you visiting the store. I live 4 hours away and it was well worth the drive.
Hi Colleen,

Thank you for your kind words. I am new to CD although I think I have had these feelings since childhood but never acted on them. I look forward to using this forum to seek advice from the more experienced CD's like yourself. I also hope to gain confidence in my journey, although it will probably be baby steps.

Once again, thank you for your encouragement.

Welcome Terri,
Just wanted to say Hi and to acknowledge what Colleen has already mentioned. I also am about 4 hours away and I absolutely look forward to each of my journeys to JC's. I just cannot say enough about the staff and all of their help and support.

My last trip was several weeks ago and I purchased a new wig. Both my friend and Roxy where there for me. I would highly recommend a transformation… I have had 2 thus far and will be back for another. Eventually, as I venture out more frequently, I must have them teach me how to apply my own makeup. But for my occasional outings in fem, I will rely either on Bunny or Roxy.

I hope to visit again for another Roxy transformation and plan on getting pics and posting as my confidence has grown by leaps and bounds recently.

Well anyway… welcome! and hugs!
Thanks Nicole and Coleen for your encouragement. I can say that I have been wearing my breast forms in the evening and almost constantly all weekend and I am finding that I don't want to take them off. I even got up the nerve to go to a department store and bought a bra that I enjoy wearing. That was a new experience for me as I looked around to make sure no one was watching. I guess that I will get over that as time goes on, but I was nervous. Fortunately no one came up to me to see if I needed help and I had time to pick out what I thought was a beautiful bra. I must say I'm proud of my first purchase outside of JC. My next trip to JC probably will involve purchasing a wig, a skirt and a dress. Anything else either of you recommend?

Nicole, I have thought about a transformation and will consider that. What did you do after you had the transformation? Did you actually go out or take off the makeup after you had enjoyed it for a while in the store?

Hugs to both of you.

Hi Terry,

After I had my 1st transformation I must say that I was in a bit of shock as I hadn't seen my fem Nicole for almost 10 years. Nicole did quite a bit of aging. No I did not venture out nor was I very please with how I presented myself. I went on a diet and lost 35lbs and I began a regime of facial products to reduce the wrinkles and a bit of the aged look. I felt bad for Bunny since she could see my disappointment. I tried to reassure her that I was not disappointed in her work… she did great… I just wasn't prepared to see how unprepared Nicole was for this particular adventure. When I left JC's, Nicole was tucked back into the closet.

It was almost 7 months till I ventured back to JC's for my 2nd transformation. I did visit in between though to pick up a pair of Fabulicious 3 inch sandal style heels and a nice red dress. Nicole desperately needed practice walking in heels again and looking like Nicole as well. By the way, these are great looking heels and not to aggressive and lend themselves to being excellent shoes to practice in and to venture out as well.

So 7 months later (October of this year) I visit JC's for another transformation and wig selection. It was this visit that broke the ice for Nicole. I was introduced to Roxy and between her, my friend and myself we picked a wig. I was now ready for the transformation and had a better expectation of how I might look or present myself. Well I am not sure how much difference the weight loss made… but having now a nice wig along with a dress and suitable accessories and much more confidence in my walk and everything else, I was excited to see Roxy's work. WOW is all I can say! She was terrific and I felt very comfortable, excited, giddy and confident! When it was time to leave and to head back to Ohio and eventually home… it was Nicole that walked out with her closest friend. I was able to be out and about without attracting any unwanted attention and I loved it!

I feel though that I should explain to you that this was not Nicole's first time out… she lived for several months in both Austin TX and Columbia SC while I was working IT contracts in both states and away from my wife and family of kids. Though it was great to eventually find suitable work back in Columbus Ohio, I will readily admit that I was devastated to have to relegate Nicole back to the closet.

It is with great effort and baby steps, but Nicole is once again finding her legs and ways of being out. It has been the sharing of my fem side with both my closest friend (who is gay but not trans) and also to my eldest daughter that I am able to do this.

Whew…. my apologies for having gone on for so long here.

Anyway, I have plans with the most immediate being that of improving my fem wardrobe. I may also be taking a long-term contract in Dearborn which of course will put in almost walking distance to JC's. With that I plan on talking to someone there about their locker options. Though I would be away from the family, I would likely stay with my parents. I am sure that I could stay at my friends home but my parents are elderly and this would give me the perfect opportunity to keep an eye on them.

Geez… I was planning on chatting with Colleen to… but I am running out of time for this evening… I will have to send her a note another day.

Well I wish you the best and…. ohhhhh…. something I just thought of! Colleen mentioned shopping via the internet… try both Kmart and Sears… owned by same company now… great if you know what you want and have the size… I get panties, slips, nylons, bras (not pocket bras) from there via online and the only face-to-face I make is at the pickup counter. I just chat them up and say I am picking stuff up for either my wife or my daughters. Relieves much of the stress when you just cannot be out in fem and shop.

Whew… I am out of time darling. Best wishes and just maybe you and Colleen and I and maybe some others can find a time/place where we could all meet and have a night out in a safe place. I am sure that JC's could recommend something in/around the Detroit area… I know the short-north in Columbus is very LGBT friendly.

Well call me dense!!!!! I just looked at Colleen's profile!!! What a nudge I am… so I looked at my own profile… updated it… will provide a pic or two after my next transformation. I really need to learn how to better apply my own makeup… my eyes are just not manageable by myself.
Thanks for the posts, girls. I took Colleen's advice and bought some panties and pantyhose. They are lace panties and I wore them to work yesterday and they made me feel great. It is something I can wear everyday and while they make me feel feminine, no one knows I have them on. Unfortunately I only bought one pair so I will have to go out and buy more today so I can start wearing them everyday. I'll try the pantyhose today. I have been wearing my bra and forms everyday and am loving it. I am fortunate to live in a rural area where I can freely wear them around the house without any neighbors seeing me. I can even wear my bra outside and, unless someone is using binoculars, they can't see me.

I am reading on how to act more feminine and I think it will take some practice to learn how to walk, sit and otherwise act like a woman. I have a couple of questions for both of you. I am over 6' tall, which even when I go all of the way with makeup and clothing, will my height be a turnoff to other girls? I also smoke and, while I am sure that will be unacceptable to some girls, will this be acceptable to most girls?

I would be open to some time in the future, meeting up at a safe place. I think I would want to do a transformation at JC's first and see how that looks. I would want to make sure I look good and not have the experience that Nicole had on her first transformation.

Colleen and Nicole, thank you for your friendship. I am lucky to have you two as friends.


Colleen, I love that blue dress you have on on the last group of pictures you posted.
Hi Terri,

Well I tend to be chatty and replying with my thoughts to your concerns about femininity, height etc. I am sure will be epic in length… so with that as an apology intro, let me begin.

First I will begin by saying, in general, ditto to what Colleen has already said. To that I will add my own thoughts.

First an foremost, anything I or anyone else can say, though the attempt is to be object… is going to reflect a personal opinion. With that there are a number of sites that a simple search will provide you with much information as to how to prepare you to present yourself.

The bottom line, again in my opinion, is not so much the physical, but the mental preparedness. All things physical can be readily overcome with practice… the walk, the sway, hand and wrist movement, the tilt of the head, simply how you stand, etc. Many sites… and LGBT sites in particular offer lots of help with these things. All of these things also support a more robust mental readiness.

I am just over 6 feet tall and I have a friend in Dayton, Ada, who must be at least 6'4". She is both beautiful and presents herself in fem form 100% of the time now. She has to be the most confident person that I know.

My belief is that you continue to take baby steps and with time and the support of others you will find that your baby steps will grow into adolescence and eventually womanhood.

If you take a moment to consider how most women tend to feel about themselves and how they generally think that others must perceive them… then use that as a gauge to how you must feel about yourself.

When I am not in fem form, I generally never stop to consider how I think others see me… generally I just don't care… I have always had my own personal confidence to get me through life and encounters with others. BUT!!! when I am in fem form… whew, then all bets are off. I am aware of things such as my weight, hair, makeup… etc. As all women come in many sizes, shapes, heights, etc., so do we. In fem form, I am wanting to look my best not just for other women & men, but also for other trans folks too. So much to be worried about!

I believe that the key here is developing your own personal confidence. There are some things you can do physically… to some extent… but no matter what, it is the confidence that you exude that will make you successful around others and out in public.

I once listened to a motivational speaker about the human interaction. His theme was that no matter what, that 25& of the people you meet will not like you… NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO!. So that is just a fact of like regardless of whether you are in male or fem form. What will get you through all of this… again my own opinion, are these 2 things. One, stop worrying about the 25% that you have no control over. Focus on the remaining 75%. Odds are better and outcome will be much more successful. Two, build your own level of confidence… whatever it takes. For me, it was finally being able to share my fem side with my closest friend and eventually with my eldest daughter. Have I shared this with others… HELL NO… I believe you must exercise prudence and discretion in doing this… and be prepared for an outcome that you may not want. In my case, I chose well and the outcome has been remarkable. Also, if you have a local LBGT chapter that you can reach out to, I have found that to be quite a great place to meet like minded people and sharing with others is quite therapeutic.

Do I still have my own doubts or demons… ohhhh yeah. It has to be my voice. That is something that I need work with and causes me to have levels of self doubt. Generally, when I am out, I am typically with my friend and others of the LGBT community and so it is not that big of a deal… except to me. :-)

Well I told you I was chatty… I am sure I could go on here and I apologize if I have said anything that tends not to be helpful. I am more that willing to share and I do enjoy these opportunities as it allows me to reflect upon my own experiences.

Hello girls i just found this site today and can't be more excited i was going to go to Mass. to get a make over but now i can go to Detroit and get one this is great. I've been cross-dressing for the better part of 40 years and can't believe there's a store for us in Mi. now. I plan on making an appointment as soon as possible. I've always dreamed of dressing up and hanging out with the girls.I've been around drag queens and although i learned alot from them they are still not quite the same as a transvestite. I'll look forward to meeting some of the girls on here hopefully. I live about 2 and a half hours away and can't wait to go there.
Hello Cindy,

My grand daughter is a dancer and one of her choreographers is also a drag queen. He does these Diva shows/contests. It is truly amazing the results of his transformation. Just beautiful.

I look forward to maybe meeting you sometime... Maybe at Janets.


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