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Hi Sisters!
I Heart being a girl ... I have felt 2-spirited since I was very young and kept it secret all my life, acting str8, when I was really curved! I am looking forward to living on my own soon in eastern Tennessee (near Newport) and hopefully meeting some folks who are like me and who like women like me. I am going to be purchasing a breastplate (I LOVE big breasts!) as soon as I am on my own and some very pretty, saucy bras to have my twins live in.
Anyway, I am a musician and artist and love correspondence, so drop me a line if you like!
Hello, Paula, and welcome to Janets forum. You will meet some nice girls here. If you search thru some of the threads, there are interesting stories filled with hints and suggestions. How long have you been dressing, and what are your objectives?? What you wish to do determines what size "girls" to get, and the wardrobe. Some of the "strap-ons" are really nice-but not good for "passing" in public. Depends on where you wish to go. Dressing for "clubs" has its place, but that pair of DDs poking out of your short bodycon dress w/ 6" platforms will not work well in stores/malls/restaurants. Kinda like walking around carrying a lit road flare! Take it from an older girl-passing takes serious work. Wish you good fortunes with your relocation. Blessings.. Toni G..
Very sweet of you to write me! To tell the truth, I have nothing but admiration for girls who can go out in public, but I think my years in this repressive society have done their damage in the arena ... but alone or with a real man (who's real inside and out, and happens to love T-girls and be totally functional with us) or better, with another gurl (NO real girls for me, I'm def a gay woman) I wouldn't care if I wasn't passable or even a total slut ... meaning, if the big tits I have wanted adorning me and the power over worshippers they hold make me look like a slut, then so be it! I chased women with huge breasts my whole str8 life (going so far as to use my art talents to create a book of drawings called "BreastWorld" that I sold mail-order all over the world) until I realized that I was only after their breasts - it took me years to realize that I wanted them ON ME!!! Now I have the money saved and as soon as I move (where I can be alone or host a sane person) I will be calling Janet or an associate to help me find the big breasts I need. Kisses!!!!

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