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Love Janets Closet
I love Janets Closet and wish i could visit more often.

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I agree with you. WOW don't you look awesome
Hello Jazminedolly,

Sorry about the late welcome… but happy to see you… and yes, without trying to sound to 'flirty' I must say WOW as well… you are gorgeous

I also absolutely love my forays to Janet's. Hoping for a January visit.

Welcome to the forum Jazminedolly!
Just got back from JC. Had  wonderful time.  A young lady name Missy helped me.. She was very nice with all the question I had and changing my mind. I've been there about five times and I love it. I wish they had a lounge there to get dressed and hang out out with others that like to dress.  I haven't had a bad time ever going there. Everyone is so nice and friendly. I just wished I lived closer.
Hello Nikki!

I share your passion with Janet's Closet! I just love going there and dressing and just hanging out. Of course it is much more that just the products, the staff Bunny, Roxy, Lexi etc… are just awesome!

I am laying plans now for a mid to late January visit and I get excited just thinking about it.

Like you, I wish that I didn't have so far to go… as I am about 3-3.5 hours away coming from the south-east end of Columbus…. arghhh.

Excellent pic… ditto everything Colleen said and I will add that you have quite the sassy look! :-)

(12-04-2015, 03:05 AM)Very cute and VERY passable! jazminedolly Wrote: I love Janets Closet and wish i could visit more often.

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