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First time here!
Ok, where to begin... I am a man that loves to have fun dressing as a woman. I have not found my "style" yet as I'm fairly new to the cross-dressing world. I am actually married (almost 9 happy years!) to a wonderful woman who is the most caring and understanding partner anyone could ask for. She has actually know I have been interested in wearing woman clothes for a few years now. It pretty much started with me sneaking her panties which were way to small (pretty sure I've always had an interest even when i was young)! I am 6' 1" and weigh around 210, more muscly as I lift weights regularly. My wife however is rather petite, she wears a M in Victoria Secret panties. So I came out to her around 2013ish maybe earlier than that and she was so understanding and actually had her suspensions all along. We actually have an amazing sex life, I can't begin to express what it feels like to not have to hide what turns you on from your partner! I will admit it is something of a fettish, but not to the point that I can't make love to her unless I am wearing some sort of womans clothing. We have "normal" sex all the time, but once in a while we love to go beyond what is considered normal. She actually enjoys helping me dress and actually does my makeup for me, which is amazing! About the same time she discovered my love for cross-dressing I told her we should get a strap on, again she was more than understanding of my needs. So i guess you could say I am Bi-sexul but i will tell you I am not interested or attracted to the male figure. There is just something about a cock that turns me on the same as a womans vagina or breasts. Whatever it is, it is simply bliss. Having a wife that fully understands who you are and what you like sexually without judgment is amazing. We talk about it all the time and we both know each others boundaries and how far each other are willing to go. 

Anyways, I got a little carried away there... I just discovered this site and so far am super impressed! I ordered my first pair of heels since my wife obviously has much smaller feet than I. And I ordered a new Mini skirt, Ive only ever worn thigh highs and panties so we are super excited. My wife also ordered me a wig! Cant wait to see how it all fits.
Hello Cindy..and welcome to janets forum. You can meet some new friends here. Lots of useful hints and info to be found reading through some of the threads. Fortunate that you have an understanding and supportive partner. They are rare. Some of us here have been dressing for decades. And w/o support or encouragements. But you will find encouragement here. Blessings... Toni G.
this is my firstr visit too, and i have had a hard time getting to the forum and suspect i am still doing it wrong
long time dresser, but long time away until a marriage ended, in part over dressing, new relationship these days and i am fearful of realloy getting into it although i disclosed immediately?
jsut bought a great corset which has arrived and this morning a new wig. have used medical adhesive forms for gthe first time, i hope to get there, wherever there may be
Welcome to Janets forum..Occasionally there are tech problems here. Robots and "advertisers" sometimes cause troubles. So be patient if you find it not working. Have Fun with your corset.! Use simple cinchers myself, as not physically-able to tie a corset anymore,even thou would like to. "There" is a diff place for each person. Diff objectives.. Have fun looking thru some of the threads here-useful hints and information. Blessings...Toni G.
you guys hang in there..There are plenty of us women love cross dressing men.

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