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Hello ladies :p
Hello everyone, my fem name is Arianna and i absolutely love Janet's closet. I have visited the store twice now and had great experiences. Recently, I have come to terms with what makes me happy is dressing up like a female. The desire has always been there my entire life but now I'm starting to accept it. When I am my fem self i feel like all my worries and troubles go away and I cant stop smiling. I joined this forum to meet some like minded people who understand my feelings. I really hope i can make some new friends from this site who i can be myself to. Also, I am a straight male who is trying to help my girlfriend ease into it because it can be overwhelming for her to understand and feel comfortable around me when I'm Arianna. Both times I went to Janets, Bunny has helped me feel comfortable and excited to be there. She is an amazing employee who really cares about her customers. Bunny helped me my second time to pick out a dress and a wig. It was an experience I will never forget because of how special it was. Thank you so much Bunny you are amazing. Hopefully sometime soon, I can go back and get breast forms and heels. Maybe here soon I will post a picture of my fem self on my profile but still working up the courage to do so.
Hello Arianna!

My apologies for only just now welcoming you and saying Hi!.

I am so glad that you have found Janet's Closet and their forum. What with all the negativism out there for 'our' kind, I must say that it is refreshing for me to have 'discovered' JC's as well. Like you I have had nothing but great times visiting and exploring. Bunny is a super person as is Roxy… I just cannot say enough about both girls.

I must tell you that I am envious of you. You have a girl friend that seems to be accepting of you exploring your inner fem! How cool is that! I have my eldest daughter and my closest friend that help me… and I am most appreciative… however, I am not able to 'share' this with my wife. Hence, my fem side typically stays hidden at home. With that being said, I can tell you that I greatly cherish my Nicole time and outings.

I see that you have met Colleen… she is a great person to share with. I find myself spending most of my private forum time chatting with her and looking forward to our future chats.

I wish you well with your journey and possibly we may meet in the future at JC's.

Hello Nicole, it's nice to meet you. I apologize for taking so long to reply back. It's hard at times to accept who I am. I'm very thankful that I have my girlfriends support but it makes her uncomfortable at times so I joined this forum to meet like minded people. Btw the more support we have in being ourselves only makes us stronger and more confident as a fem. Some day we will have more confidence in ourselves to tell others but for now we should find others who share our interests so we can have people to lean on. To be honest, I haven't been happier since I've accepted the fact that I love being fem. I would love to hear back from you sometime. Take care and stay beautiful! ??

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