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hi all erin a new cd
here is one of my first posts, tell me what you think

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Very nice. Wonder what the rest looks Like
a work in progress, not fully out of the closet
thank you
Hello Erin,

Nice to see you in the forum. No need to apologize for 'not being fully out of the closet'. I have yet to post my first pic… however my excuse is that my makeup skills are rather poor and my wardrobe is quite limited. I do, however, have a January trip planned to visit Janet's Closet and with a larger wardrobe than I currently possess. If Roxy is able to perform her magic as well as she did for my last visit… then I plan to post a few pics. I have been promising Colleen that I would get some pics posted, so I have this as a goal.

Hoping to see more posts from you and if you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to reach out. There are a number of us who love to share and trade thoughts, ideas and feelings.


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