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supportive wife
New to the site and forum.

I am a supportive wife and thrilled to meet you all. Found this web site while searching for something different for gifts for hubby. There are a few things I see but hope they expand their inventory. I also wish they would show what some of these outfits loo like from the back. I know its not necessary for everything but some id like to see.
Welcome to Janets forum, and Thank You for being Supportive!! So many of us have never had such. Janets site is the type that only shows "one view"-wich can be concern depending on item. In my case-usually have to see them in-person, or have "both views" to see if there are zippers! Have thrift,GW, and Ross stores nearby my location, which makes shopping easier.. Do like to look at Dressbarn , as they have nice dresses for less than amazon. Oriental sites like Rosegal and Sammydress have some nice things, but weird sizings.! Happy Shopping. Blessings....Toni G.
Hi Debbie,
I too have a supportive wife! I told her on our second date and she was intrigued. She's mentored me and helped along my journey. We are blessed for sure. Thanks for being on here.
Heart Niki
Welcome to the forums

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