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Passed at the Mall..
Hello Ladies. Consider it a success if one of those kiosk attendants call you "Maam". :Smile If I was read by anyone today,there was no indication. Just another old lady in the mall. Wore my Green/Black tunic with  Black pants. Low wedges. Blk/Gry multicolor short wig.  Did so want to stop in that wig store there,but controlled myself. Twice thru the Macys store passing folks without incident.  Three bus rides, no looks from anyone. Stopped in the WG store on the way back. The cosmetics lady did not recognize me  till I took my shades off. Did say she thot my nails were pretty. Prob seen by many---walk/bus/walk in mall/bus/walk to bank+back to busstop/bus/visit store/walk home. Proved I could still pass in public, even with health issues. Did basic makeup, and brows only. (withdifficulty)  Just cant see well enough to do mascara and such anymore. :Sad So my big-frame Jackyln Smith shades cover the lack of eye makeup. Carried my KVZ  blk sachel, and used my "girly colored" cane. Short steps,elbows in,no arm swinging!  Was past that kiosk when that gal said Maam, would you like to...." Smiled while shaking my head,kept going. Excited to be addressed as Maam in the mall.   Blessings...Toni  G.
Tnx,Stephanie. Takes a little work to do. Only done this a few times. DO hafta concentrate though. Stride shortened up. No slouching. Carried my purse in right hand,or tucked against/under arm. Cane in other hand. This was to prevent arm-swinging. Wore low-wedges for easier walking. Pants/top combo that was not flashy. Goldtone earrings and necklace that were conservative in appearance. My Kathy Van Zeeland satchel looks like the purse that the avg 63 yr old would carry. Went past folks that paid me no attn.. Was surprised by that kiosk lady trying to attract a "customer" Granted she was 12ft away--"Maam...Maam..." Made my day! It can be difficult to pass for some, but the biggest hurdle is often the "fear" of being made,and getting mockers. On "Vanessa s" Crossdressers Heaven site, there are lots of stories about Girls overcoming their fears, and doing what I did yesterday. If you read Janets story about her trip to home depot-she was Maam/Lady over there, until speaking. Planned my trip so I wouldn't be talking until the end. Takes effort, but You Can Do It ! Blessings..Toni G.

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