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Hi from Jenny Silk
Hi to everyone.
My name is Jenny, a 37 year old cross dresser from the UK & new to this site.
I am lucky enough to live alone so can dress most days.  I prefer the secretarial look with silk & satin underwear a tight pencil skirt and silk blouse.  I adore black patent leather heels.
I look forward to hearing from and chatting to other girls with similar interests.
(01-10-2016, 04:41 PM)Hello Jenny, Wrote: Wow from the UK… cool! Colleen from 'down under' and you from the UK and I believe there may be one or two more from 'other' places. We are quite the international cross-dresser/trans community!

You are quite a bit younger than I… however, I share your like/desire of the pencil skirt and silk blouse combo. It is an item that I am patiently waiting a delivery of and a promise made to Colleen that I would share a pic or two. LOL I venture to say that you likely will look quite a bit more fetching than I… but if we both share a pic or two we might be able to compare notes as it were.

Anyway… WELCOME1

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