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From closet to open
Hi I remember the days I only wore dresses and skirts inside so no one could see me. I felt so pent up hiding my feelings. I even fooled myself by living with a woman when really I am a gay cross dresser. I have a daughter from this woman who lives with me. Well I started slowly coming out because of a friend I met in a coffee shop. I was admiring what she was wearing and tried not to be noticeable about, I was wrong. She picked up on my stares and decided to approach me and sat down at my table. She looked at me with a smile and said I know you like the dress I am wearing and bet you are wanting to try it on. My face went beat red I tried to deny it, that did not work. She said my name is Gail and I can see what you are. I asked her what she met by that? Gail told me she has friends who cross dress and she is fascinated by men who do. This was the start of my coming out. Gail invited me to come with her to her place where I could cross dress in safety. I gave in and agreed to come early the next day because I had to pick my daughter up from school shortly.
The next day came I arrived at Gail's house for 9:30 am Gail brought me to a back room were she had two racks, one had only dresse hanging from it and the other tops and skirts. At the back of the room was a dresser were Gail led me to, she open a drawer and I could see a variety of brand new panties she picked out a pink boy sort polyester panty the open a drawer that was full of different sizes of bras. She quickly pick a pink bra with a cute bow between the cups. Gail held them up and said this will do nicely. She explain how to put the items on properly and told me she would leave and I was to call her once I had them on. From the way she spoke with me I felt so comfortable that when she left the room I had no problem wearing the undergarments. I called Gail in and she smiled and went to the dress rack and held out the very same dress the she had on at the coffee shop and with a delighted smile she said here you go as she helped me on with dress. It was a beautiful short sleeve blue dress with a pink floral design. I felt so pretty and feminine. Gail had me wear a white low heel with pale pink ankle straps. For the whole day I practice walking around and I even went out to her backyard. This is how I started coming out from the closet. Gail had me no longer shy and gave me courage to go out cross dressed. I am thankful to have met Gail.
This is how I came out from hiding. Written by Joanie.
thanks for sharing this great information, very helpful...........................................

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What a great experience. Treasure your friend Gail as she is very special and understanding.
Thanks for sharing. I came out to my wife and it has been difficult for her. I too have a daughter who is old enough to not understand me dressing. I got rid of all y clothes when I got married and have very rarely dress when my wife is home. I sense it is uncomfortable for her. I do have a friend who has not only accepted me but embraced all of me, but I can not be with her. She would be my Gail. Over the last few years I have fallen deeply in love with her, which makes the coming out orund my wife all the more difficult. Add to it that I am bi and the problem is compounded. I am glad to see that I am not the only one with these particular problems and I appreciate your story.
Dear Joanie

A very heartfelt story, I hope you are full time girl by now, I am a 60 yr old man, excellent shape, and health, and nice looking, I am seeking a CD to date, Joanie it is not all about sex, but developing a releationship, and being kind and gentle, if I interest you at all please reply.


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