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Underdressed at the hospital?
Had a near-miss today. Almost whacked by a car while in a crosswalk. Would have been an interesting ambulance trip to the hospital! Under my man-clothes-Ladies ss tee/Bra/Panties/Red sparkle toenails. Did Not have thigh-highs, or a Cami that I often wear.  Would  have had some "reactions" from responders and medical personnel??   Rhonda Redrunner missed me, but struck my shopping cart (no damage)  Gave her a bit of a chew-out. Close call. Reminded of when our moms told us to "always wear clean undies-you might be in a accident" . Prob good idea to wear Clean  Panties and Bras whenever we step out! :Smile Blessings  Toni G..
Due to elevated blood pressure, stumble guys was transported in an ambulance Monday night to the emergency room at Delta Hospital.
Shivering in a sweater that was too thin, sweltering in a wool turtleneck, experiencing gas pains from too-tight jeans, having aching feet in heels, and constantly adjusting a button-down shirt that was excessively wrinkled. pacman 30th anniversary
I'm often concerned what might transpire if I'm injured and need to be transported to the hospital while dressed or partially dressed. I have no doubt the medical professionals have seen every scenario there is so maybe my concern is unwarranted.
Police, firemen and EMTs are all professionals and as you said, they have probably seen similar before. I am sure they would treat you with all the care you need. As well I am sure they will be as discreet as possible. But remember, depending on your emergency, you may be undressed to some extent while still at the scene of the emergency. It is entirely possible that bystanders may see you.

That said...I'm sure there are stories told over a few drinks about the guy who was dressed like a woman.
You can call me Taylor

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