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Hi Ladies
Just wanted to say Hi to everyone. Going in tomorrow for My first 100% transformation, Kind of excited and nervous. I have never dressed 100% before. Anyways just wanted to say hi
Hello Jamie,


So how did your transformation experience go?! I hope that yours was as exciting as mine. Who did you have Bunny or Roxy? What was the style of your hair? Did you wear heels… and were you able to walk? Tell us as much as you feel comfortable to share. Did you have pictures taken?

Hi, My transformation was excellent. I had Roxy. First off, I was crazy nervous about this. I am very new to cross dressing. I kind of wanted to see my basic female look to deside if I wanted to go father with dressing and make up.
Roxy made me feel very comfortable. I would totally recommend this for a beginner like me. I wanted to add a pic but not sure how to.
Thanks for the help,  here it is.  Let me know what you think so far.  No face pic yet

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Thank you, I plain on picking some more things up. Some fake nails a rings, braclets fem stuff
Hi Colleen, I'm still trying to figure the site out
I'm using my phone. I recived you buddy request
But I'm having problems trying to add you to my list

Let me begin by saying… ditto Colleen.

I absolutely was terrified of my 1st transformation at Janet's. It was also my big reveal for my closest friend as he joined me for the occasion. Of course I gave him a heads up before the trip. Anyway… along with your fears… I bet that you were just absolutely excited… I mean with EVERY MOMENT! Sitting there wondering just what you had gotten yourself into while sitting on the stool as Roxy worked her magic. Of course I cannot see the makeup application, but your outfit and what appears to be a very confident pose is absolutely stunning. Bravo!

I might also say… don't be worried about future engagements with Roxy to have her apply your makeup and to teach you how to apply it yourself. She will also help you to choose the best makeup to apply. I just received my long awaited delivery of several new outfits along with a few accessories and a clutch and wallet that I plan to use to allow for a more comfortable night out.

I plan to have pics of my own posted by months end… excited to see how well I can present myself in my new outfits.

Keep us posted, I would love to hear more of your journey,


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