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Hello from the new Girl on this forum
Hi everyone,

A lot of you CD's have probably had some similar experiences.   I've been a CD on and off since I was, about 9 or 10.  I loved the thrill of being dressing in nylons, heels, and sexy clothes. It's fun putting on makeup and parade around the house.  At one time I would have transitioned but my resources were limited.   My one and only experience out of the closet and in public was at a Halloween party.  My wife has no idea that I love my feminine side.  Since I had a grown family from another marriage.  I've been extra careful not to embarrass them or myself.   I have disposed of my feminine thing on three earlier occasions.  My desire to cross dress again was rekindled recently when I found the web site.  I've just ordered my new auburn wig should arrive in a few days.  Hope to get all dalled up soon.

I'd love to communicate with other CD's or TS's on Arizona.
Heart Love to all you Ladies Jenna_G
Welcome, Jenna. take little steps, and be careful. Some fam take it better than others. As for purgings,could have opened a clothing store with all the items disposed-of over the years. The "urges" have never completely gone away-even during my 22yr marriage stint yrs ago. Have been by myself for years, so don't have to worry so much anymore about being "exposed" Can step out enfemme when I wish, but usually do so only a few times a yr. All of our situations are different. So we adapt. Lots of info and stories here that may be helpful. Blessings.. Toni G.. Mesa, Az

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