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Hello im Gabriella
Hey im new to this site and just found this a few days ago , was shopping for an outfit for a valentines swinger party we attend in feb, ended up getting a sexy outfit and a sweet pair of red lace up boots. Ive been playing with dressing for the last cpl years not brave enough yet to go out  in public other than parties but who knows. Some of my past as a kid was my parents had 5 boys me being the last and they dressed me as a a young boy i dressed in my moms stuff ...dont know why but did. Im not sure if ill ever be a full on cd or want to be female full time but i still wear panties full time and shave every hair below the neck for years now. I get very good compliments at parties we go to i like to think im passable . so give me your input it may help me decide what i want to be in life.

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