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seems quiet here
Hello girls seems like a very quiet place to get help in the field we are in, thought forsure that would get more response from a group that is into cd, Im new forsure and dont really know what to think. was hoping for girls wanting to chat and share with thier problems and experiences . Encouraging words go a long ways . I wish we had a place janets around here where i live , it seems so easy to just go there and be more of what we want and have support right there. best of luck to all , Gabriella Heart

Hello and welcome! Is it Gabriella? Very nice name.

Yes, the forum and most of us are hit and miss… there are many times that I would like to see more chat… but then I get busy and get behind. Takes some time to get caught up.

I am likely one of, if not the eldest, cross-dressers in this forum. I have gained much insight and confidence since joining almost a year ago… and also finally getting out to a local LGBT group encounter. Though I do not think of myself as gay… as I do prefer the soft curves and touch of the female anatomy… I will admit that when I am out in full fem that I do seem to be quite comfortable around either sex. Enough said about that for now. lol

Anyway, tell us something about yourself… rough age, 20's 30's etc. Married single? What experiences might you be comfortable sharing? Anything that you can share simply makes it easier for the rest of us to respond back to. Believe me, myself and Colleen are chatty kathy's once we get started LOL.


Hey Oldchevy,

As I mentioned in my previous post to you… sometimes it takes a bit of effort to catch up on these posts!

I just saw your first post along with your pics! Very nice! And let me say this… you don't have confidence enough yet to go out… yet there you are in this sexy little bikini WOW! Nice! You look quite nice in you dress and posed very confidently.

Also, you did provide a beginning story in that you are the youngest of 5 boys… I got a kick out of the fact that 'they' I assume mom and the brothers, dressed you up as a girl. Did you go out into the general public as a child in fem? Let me say that I am quite intrigued and would love to hear more of your beginnings! :-)

Hey thanks for the message im 51 and have only been out in dress a cpl of times, I was in full dress with my wife a cpl months ago in the car in daylight...was so worried someone that we knew would see me, although i doubt they would recognize me in dress. It was very exciting, other than that ive been to a salon to get the makeover done on my cat suit in my profile, the woman who did it was very happy to do it , we then drove to the party both dressed as sexy wife is bi she loves me dressed. Im having fun just bought a nice sexy lingerie and red tie up boots will post pics when im done up for that party. hope to hear from more girls here....comments welcome for good or bad. kisses Gabriella
Wow Gabriella!

You do have an exciting story/journey to tell us about! I am quite envious of you and your situation. I could only hope that my wife would be as open. I believe that your wife being BI offers you quite a bit of freedom to experiment on your journey and to share opening with your wife. I recently shared my fem self with my closest friend, who is gay, and with my eldest daughter. Both are quite accepting and this has opened a door recently with me and has allowed me quite a bit more Nicole time… and the encouragement to move on and just be myself.

Thank you for sharing and you might want to try to persuade your wife to pose with you in one of your future pics. Very exciting!

Hugs & Kisses
LOL My brothers had nothing to do with my parents decision, and i only have pictures of myself as a 2 yr old boy with long blond curly hair and a dress on. Ido recall always dressing as a girl for halloween every yr, the getting into my mothers bras and panties would have been more memorable with todays I truly enjoy being fem and live in a small town so i dont do it here When and if i ever go out dressed id do it in another town where nobody knows me. I promise to take pics of my new outfit and full dress after valentines day.

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