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hello everyone my name is nicole
(01-18-2016, 12:41 PM)cdnicole Wrote: hello everyone my name is nicole
Welcome Nicole... I like your name!  Heart 

thank you hon love yours also
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Hello Nicole,

Without trying to pry to much into your life, what can you share about yourself?

I have been a closet cross-dresser, transgender as I identitfy as being female trapped in a male body, since about age 8-9. I am now 64. Like a lot of us 'girls' I have experienced a wealth of all the usual feelings… i.e.: like what's wrong with me, guilt, denial, embarrassment, yadda yadda yadda. Over time and years I have slowly learned to recognize and accept who/what I am.  I have only recently begun to explore and share who I am to others. I have 3 adult children and my eldest daughter now knows as does my closest friend. He is gay and obviously prefers men, where I am trans and prefer females. Anyway I know have both of their support and I am beginning to actually venture out in fem and am enjoying myself. Not so sure about actually transitioning at my age… but, I do enjoy dressing up and going out into the LGBT community and bars etc.

I will mention that about a year ago I experienced my real first transformation, via Bunny, and the experience was exilerating! Bunny did a great job. Unfortunately, I had not seen "Nicole" for almost 10 years. I have since visited Janet's on several occasions and I am also expanding my wardrobe and feminine enhancing under garments for my ventures out. Roxy did my last makeup application and help me to select a very nice 'passable' wig… oh maybe a month or so ago. I was with my friend and this time I was able to walk out of Janet's in full fem. Wow now that was just pure excitement! Best day that Nicole has had in a VERY long time. 

I am planning on my next visit in the next week or so and want Roxy to 'teach' me how she does 'it'… apply my makeup. I need to be able to do this on my own as my drive to the store takes me almost 3 hours. I come from central Ohio. I throughly enjoy my visits, but on those occasions when I want to go out, that is just to far to travel.

Well again, welcome!   Heart 
Hello Nicole, I am new to this site. I also have been a crossdresser for many years. I do love the thought of knowing what it feels like to be a woman in every possible way! Even in the bedroom!!! I too am in my later years and am now 63, widowed 6 years with one son who I dont even know anymore. Long long story there. I love to feel fem in my own home. I envy you for being bold enough to going out and enjoying the night life as female. I wish I was so bold. I have been thinking a lot lately about what it would be like being with a man or another crossdressing in the bedroom. It is a very interesting question for me and most facinating thoughts!!!! Think of this, Being totaly a woman and enjoying a man totaly!!!!! I have never tried this but the thoughts race through my head. What do you think???? Have you ever gone that far??? Whats it like???
name ????? I have not given myself a name yet. Stil thinking
mark123 Hello,
My apologies for not having responded back to you sooner. 

Well you seem to have some of the same thoughts that I do about 'dating'. Wow... this for me is the one gray area where I still harbor conflicting thoughts. 

Let me begin my response from my more basic male side. As a male, I most definitely prefer the soft curves and flow of the female anatomy... high level of physical attraction. Even when with my closest friend, who I mentioned is gay, I really do not find that I have any physical attraction to his male body. He and I have talked at length about just this. He is happy to be gay and is attracted to the male physic. Now to throw a wrench into this... because when I watch a movie or such, whether or not I am Nicole or my male self... I always connect with the woman... her feelings, both emotional and physical etc. hmmmm 

As Nicole, I tend to look even further and am curious about experiencing more... both from another female and another male. However, even though I am beginning to get out more as Nicole and experience more... I as yet have not gotten the far. I am still living at 'home', that is with my wife... who knows nothing of this and my eldest child... who does know my Nicole personna. 

This, at times, will conflict me. However, this to is something that I have been dealing with more and more and expect that in time I will likely experiment with.

Not sure if any of this answers any of your question... but for me, this has offered me time to reflect upon this a bit more and compose my thoughts. For this, I offer a sincere thanks!

Looking forward to discussing this more with you,

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