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New to forum
Hello ladies,

I am Niki from the west coast.  It's great to be here.  I am a lifelong CD married to a very supportive wife and have 3 supportive daughters.  Like many of you, my CD started in mom's pantyhose drawer when I was young.  That day I slid them on my body changed me forever.  For years I just had a few things to wear, but never really wanted to do a full transformation, until I met my wife.  On our second date, I told her that I really had a thing for women in pantyhose. She stood up and said, oh ya?  Dropped her pants to reveal suntan pantyhose on her sexy body.  Then she said, so do I.  Who knew!  That's how it started and probably why I haven't won the lottery because to me that was life's lottery.  She is an amazing lady.

I proceeded to tell her that I also liked to wear dresses, lingerie, etc because they not only feel great but really help calm me down, but wanted to know more about it.  I also promised her that I would always be the man she fell in love with, defend her honor, and not be a whiny bitch regardless what I had on.  I wanted to get off the sidelines and start my journey out of slut hood and into woman hood with her.  She didn't quite understand it, but said, well I love you and if it's a part of you then I'll learn to love it too.  Stunned and overwhelmed, I said WOW really!  She said, really, but if you are going to do it, you aren't going to look like a man in a dress.  Let's get you made up.  She taught me how to walk in 4" heels, do my make up, elbows in, cross my legs, why woolite is important for lingerie, what eye shadow goes best with different colored outfits, powder my nose, sit with my legs together, squat when I pee, touch up my lipstick, etc and now it's all second nature and very comfortable.  From that point, it was on!  It's been an incredible journey with her though the sexual thrill experimentation phase, going out a few times on Halloween and teasing the boys (I'm passable btw), to getting all of the validation I needed when we showed our daughters and explained to them that dad doesn't want to have a sex change, he just enjoys fem things and occasionally being a woman.  They knew my fem side already, so showing them Niki in all her beauty just blew them away.  DAD you are gorgeous! LOL. We knew you were different and that makes you the coolest ever! LOL  So I answer to sir, ma'am, mom, whatever anymore lol.  The best compliment EVER!  We go shopping together, clothes, make up, shoes, etc.  I go in guy mode, but to them I'm the same person.  Just hanging out with them doing girl stuff, and they know I always buy LOL  It's a blast to have that kind of relationship with my family.  They were some of the only girls in high school that wore pantyhose too because mom and dad/mom made them cool and they finally admitted how good they feel and look too lol.  They even got their friends to start wearing them more too, dressing up, and not looking like slobs. A couple of days ago, one of our girls forwarded me an email from L'eggs all excited they are having a 50% off sale.  She said, Ms Niki, all you need to know is promo code legwear, we already have ours in the cart.  LOL  If you didn't know, that the cheapest place to buy Sheer Energy. Who knew a garment like pantyhose that scared and thrilled me to death most of my life would be the catalyst for happiness.  

These days, a handful of our close friends know about Niki because we thought it was time that they knew.  After explaining it to them, I remnd them that they have nothing to gain telling the town about me.  What difference would it make right?  True friends think alot of each other to do each other wrong, or at least that's the way it works in our world.  Get rid of the BS and keep solid people around you.  

I keep Niki home because there is no where else in the world that can give me the awesome validation and confidence that I get here.  My wife and I have a lot of fun with it.  We are both entrepreneurs and work from home most of the time. She picks out my dresses, pantyhose, heels, etc and I do the same for her.  Some days she has me do full make up and hair, but most of the time it's just clothes.  I still am the submissive one in girl mode and she's the opposite, so we have some fun role playing times which helps when the biz becomes a grind.  It's a great time and we are more productive because of it.  So what used to be extraordinary and scary is now just life in motion because I had the balls to tell someone about it and ask for help.  I'm still her husband and very much a guy (with shaven legs) underneath the silk, satin, make up, perfume, and big hair.  I absolutely love being a guy and doing guy things with my guy friends because since discovering my inner woman hood, I'm half the man I used to be and twice the person I once was.  Happy, happy, happy.  

I look forward getting to know you girls.  Thanks for letting me share my story.  

Be good to each other,

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Heart Niki
Hello Niki!
What a great journey...and you are right, you don't deserve the lottery!!! You have already hit the big one.

Niki Welcome to the forum, It is rewarding that you have a family that enjoys the time that you are NIki and that you are able to have a great time. Your picture is great and you sure can pass as a female. All the best Erin
Wow. I am so happy for you! I wish I had a supportive wife. Who's the jealous one...oh ya...that would be me. Smile

That really is an incredible journey you have been on. And by the're gorgeous!

Jennifer  Heart  
Thanks so much girls. You all are so sweet and gorgeous. I appreciate it so much.
Niki Smile

There sure are a lot more people viewing messages than participating. Hmmm...
Heart Niki
(03-27-2018, 02:42 AM)Niki_Smith Wrote: Thanks so much girls.  You all are so sweet and gorgeous.  I appreciate it so much.
Niki Smile

There sure are a lot more people viewing messages than participating. Hmmm...

 Niki - first of all , welcome to the Forum . Second , to say that I am incredibly envious of your situation doesn't even come close !!! If I had 1/10 of your support system , I would be happy . Take care and stay safe , Dawna .

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