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Local, new, confused, and terrified
I live close enough to walk to Janet's. Recently I started feeling different. I'm 49 and married with children. The closest I've come to CD is rubbing my wife's slip on my penis once. But the idea of sissy stuff has been getting me excited. I don't think I would like getting a transformation to go out in public, but I've never even had panties on (which does sound exciting).
I've been tempted many times to go to Janet's, but I am terrified that I would be seen. I'm pretty sure it would devastate my wife. Is there a discrete door (not the one that opens out onto Fort street)?
There is a side door next to the parking area. That's the only other door I know of. It's about halfway to the back.
You can park on one of the side streets and walk around, or you can park across the street.

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