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Hello from newbie Anne
        Hi everyone,
Hmmmm….where to begin.  Well, I reside in Wisconsin.  I'm 61 years old, recently retired and enjoy working out to stay in shape.  I'm married with two grown children and have two grandchildren.  I've always wondered/fantasized what it's like to be the opposite sex.   I can't say I had these feelings when I was younger but when I got to be in my 30's, I would have these fantasies about being female.   When I was younger and saw porn, I'd be like most guys, right?....fantasize about being in the role of the male performer but as I grew older, I was more interested (fascinated) at being in the role of the female performer.  I'd wonder what it would be like to be in a female (submissive?) role, servicing the man, letting him has his way with me.   Over time, I would try on some of my wife's panties, nylons and bras.  The bras were too tight since I have a larger band size but I would try them on for just a short time and it would be such a turnon for me.   When she was gone for a good length of time, I would try out her makeup on myself and really like what I was doing.  The internet and youtube are so helpful in learning makeup techniques.  So leap forward to the past year in which I retired a year ago.  I don't recall how but I was just internet surfing and came across Janets Closet.   In anticipation of my wife being gone on a 10-day trip, I ordered some breast forms and other items.  I went to stores and bought some womens clothes for myself and would just dress up in my new clothes and loving it.   So I am here introducing myself to my fellow CD'rs.  I'm not sure where this is going to take me but I truly accept myself for what I am.  I love being CD and if the opportunity presented myself, I really believe I would enjoy being in my persona of Anne and being with a guy and "taking care of him".  I'm sure I'll be "talking" to some of you at this site and look forward to future conversations.  Hi everyone....I am Anne.
sounds great to me

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