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Hello Janet’s Friends
Hello,  Joey here.
Well I finally made it into Janet’s Closet for the first time. Wearing a bra and panties as I often do, and a long sleeved black shirt over jeans.  Pulling up to the store was a thrill but actually coming in was an adrenaline rush I’ve seldom experience.  There were only about 4 customers in the whole store and probably just as many associates.  I roamed around for several  minutes before approaching a salesgirl.
My only objective for the day was to buy my first set of breast forms. After watching Janet explain in her videos I came prepared.  The salesgirl, didn’t get her name but long dark hair, ask my band size which is 44 and suggested 44C wide and set them on the counter. Seeming more than I wanted, I went with a 42C that look more right for me.  When she asked if I would like to try them on I just about fainted, but declined.
Happyly, I left the store with them, and adhesive and remover and headed home.  It was great to find out that I had four bras that fit well with the breast forms.  My first venture out with (the girls) was to a  party store to buy lottery tickets.  Seeing myself on the video monitor was nice, but when the woman behind the counter smiled and winked, I felt like a winner.
What a fun story.  Glad to hear your visit was enjoyable. First times can be so stressful.  Any pics you can share of your new shapely self?
So happy for you same here was shacking so bad the first time but loved every min.

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