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42 years bit not too ate to come out
Hi everyone, I am sissy Tiffany, I've been crossdressing I guess since I was 10 and found my sistersc pantiies. When I out them on it was like I was in another world .ive hid nod from family and friends my whole life. I am now 52 and am coming out of my shell. I met a black trans woman online about 9 months ago and she has encouraged me to chase my dreams. Little by little ive taken steps towards living fem as much as I possible can while maintaining my current work status and Irving status. When I retire i will en femme 24/7. I've now traveled to other cities and dressed as a woman during whole trip. I now shave my who,e body and keep it smooth all the time.i can now walk in to a store or lingerie  store and not be embarrassed or shy. I've bought breast forms  from Janet's so I can try the different sizes over a long periodso I can fully understand what each size brings to my life and the drawbacks of each.its been an amazing 9 months. Can't wait for the next 9, 18, 27,etc.......

Life is good. 

Sissy Tiffany
Hi Tiffany,
Welcome to the forum.  You'll find all of us to be a very supportive group to each other.  We all have our own stories to tell.  I would encourage you to read all of our introductions that many of us wrote in the "introduce yourself" section, if anything just to learn a bit more about each of us.
Welcome Tiffany!
Welcome to our little group ask anything and i will try to help in any way i can enjoy this time as best as you can.

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