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Story: A New Life (part 1)
Authors Note: this is a work of fiction. At this point……..I will post sections at a time, as I write them. Remember, none of this has happened – yet!
Argg, I moaned and groaned as I slowly unwrapped myself from my body pillow and stretched my legs. As my eyes fluttered open, I noticed the lipstick kisses all over the top of the pillow. Another moan. And then I noticed the wet spot midway down the pillow. Yet another moan. I guess I ruined another pillow case last night. Oh well, another night last night, just like the night before, and the night before that; and every night as far back as I can remember. No man, no lover, lying next to me this morning. Just the distant, fading, memory of the phantom lover that visits my dreams. Someday. Someday, this will change. I know it will.

Out of bed, I smooth out my nightgown, and head for the kitchen. Just like my morning routine dictates, I turn on my laptop, and fix a pot of coffee. It’s still dark outside and my eyes are still half closed. Ah, good, enough coffee for my first cup. Having that first cup fixed, I sit down at my laptop. Predictably, I open up my email and see what is new with all my gurl friends. I look through the list of senders, and one jumps out to catch my eye.

Michelle, hey babe, Annie here. Remember we messaged about me someday opening a ‘business’ where we could ‘entertain’ gentlemen clients. And I would run it, and you said you would gladly come work for me. Well, if your offer to come up still stands, you can fill my first opening. Love, Annie

I just about spit my coffee over the entire laptop. Note to self, never have anything in your mouth when you read an email from Annie. Be polite and swallow first….

I sat there and re-read that email a half a dozen times. And each time the ‘yes’ response got louder and louder in my head. Until finally, at the top of my lungs, I yelled, “YES”.

I quickly wrote back….
Annie, are you serious? What, did you win the lottery? So long as you aren’t toying with me (although that could be fun too!), just tell me when you need me to be there, and where I need to be. Oh, I am beyond excited now. Please answer as soon as you can. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO Michelle

So, I waited, and waited, and waited. It must have been days waiting for her to reply. Okay, it was really five minutes.

Michelle, how did you know? Yes, actually I did win the lottery. And a fairly large one at that. Large enough to where I can start the ‘business’ out-right and not owe anyone anything. And I have an old friend that has agreed to help me run it from the business side. As to the where and when; can you be here in two weeks? The renovations to the building I bought will be done by then. As for where, I’ll send you something in the mail. And wait until to see your new room. From what we have talked about in the past, I know you will just love it. I can’t wait to see you; and in person and not just pictures (although your pictures don’t leave much to the imagination). Love, Annie

Annie, oh I’ll be there alright. I am really ‘excited’ right now. Wink, wink. I’ve already started picking out my clothes, and packing. I’ll leave as soon as your letter arrives. Love you, Michelle


I sat looking at the map while I sat in the diner eating my lunch. I figured it to be another hour on the road and Annie and I would meet face to face. I was so excited, and sat there thinking how glad I was at being tightly tucked. I should have worn a sun dress, and not this pencil skirt. Oh well, maybe that cute waiter will see something to blush about. Well, time to pay the bill and hit the road. I did make sure to put on more lipstick and leave a nice big kiss on the back of the check, and a note about him being “so hot”.

Okay, two more houses on the left to go. Take a deep breath Michelle…. Turn here. Pull into the driveway. Slowly, don’t hit anything. Slow down your beating heart. I put the car in park, and let out a deep breath. I started to get my wits about me as I opened the door. Just then, your front door came open and you came running out.

“Michelle, Michelle. You made it. You’re here”

I looked up, and finally saw for real, the vision of the only woman I had every known that I thought of as my big sister. I must have looked like a fool, standing there, staring, gawking, as you rushed up to me. I only came to my senses when I felt your hands grasp my hands in yours.

“Michelle, your pictures do not do you justice. You are lovely”

At hearing that, I let go of your hands and began to cry as I hugged you so tightly. You patted my head and said so softly, “There, there, little sis. You are here now and we will have so much fun”.

With that I pulled back, sniffled a bit, and tried to get the tears from my eyes. And noticed the mascara I got on the shoulder of your blouse. Woopsie……

“Let’s get your stuff and go inside and chat for a bit. Are you thirsty?”

“Yes, parched”, I smiled back.

We sat and drank our tea, and just chatted endlessly. Just as one would expect two sisters to do who hadn’t see each other in years.

“I see you finally got that anklet you always wanted.”

“Yep, ‘Sex On Legs’. And it’s pink gold too”.

Chuckling, “that is so you”.
Michelle, This is a very, very good piece of writing. I was scanning through stories and found your gem, This opening part one is like lighting the fuse to a stack of sexual dynamite. Heading to part two. Ma'am, this is one sexy piece. Well done!

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