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Story: A New Life (part 2)
“Jason should already be here”, you said as we pulled into the driveway of your new ‘business’.

“Jason?”, I inquired.

“Yep, that is the man who I helping me as my business partner. I have known him for years. And oh, from what you told me; I’m very certain you will like him. Like a duck to water.”

We parked, got out, and I followed you to the front door. Damn, Annie has a really nice ass, I thought. Right before I almost ran into to her as she stopped to open the front door. We walked toward Annie’s office and as we entered I saw a man stand to turn around to meet us.

“Michelle, I’d like to introduce……….”

My brain shut down. Before me stood the most beautiful, handsome, specimen of a male any woman could dream of. My heart began to race. My mouth went dry, my mouth gaped, my eyes bulged, at the sight of sheer splendor before me. My brain was simultaneously telling me conflicting things. ‘Drop to your knees Michelle. You know you want what he has to offer’. ‘No, don’t let him know just how depraved you are. At least not just yet’.

Snap, snap. Whose fingers are snapping?

“Michelle, Michelle. Earth to Michelle”

I blinked, closed my mouth, and gulped, as I turned toward the sound of Annie’s voice.

“Michelle, as I was saying, "I’d like to introduce you to Jason".

“Hello Michelle, Annie has told me so much about you”.

“Hopefully not the really naughty parts. Nice to meet you Jason”.

He grasp my hand and I felt my body almost go limp. Well, all but part of me. I just let out a long sigh and a moan; that I hoped no one had heard.

“Michelle, I would like Jason to show you to your room since I have to go pick up and order from the stationary store. I should be back in a couple hours. That should give you two time to get acquainted and then we can go back and get your car so you can unpack”

Get acquainted I thought. I know what I’d like to get acquainted with.

“Oh sure. No problem. Take your time”

We kissed each other’s cheeks, and you turned toward the front door. Damn, Annie really does have a nice ass. Wish mine looked that good……

“Michelle, if you’d like to see your room, just to your left and down the hall. I’ll be right behind you”.

Oh, I’d like you to be right behind me, I mean really right behind me. Stop it Michelle, I think to myself as I reply, “Okay, I’m all yours”.

“Your door is the next one on the right; room 10”.

I look to the right and stop off to the side at room 10. Jason takes a key, unlocks and opens to door, then hands me the key.

“There are two keys to each room. Here is your key, and we keep the other in Annie and my office in case of emergencies”.

Jason moves the door open, and steps back to allow me to enter. I stand there looking around at the beautifully appointed room. A four posted king size bed. A huge dresser with a very ornate mirror. A desk, a vanity, a loveseat, a full dressing mirror, a night stand, and a fairly large mini-refrigerator.

Then I hear Jason whisper in my ear, “if you move it a bit, I can get in and show you around”.

Blushing yet again at Jason’s words, I reply, “Sorry”, and step further inside, setting my purse down on the dresser.

“Let me show you the bathroom first”. Jason moves to the door inside my room, opens it, and reaches inside to turn on the light.

As we both peer into the bathroom, our faces mere inches apart, I turned to look at him as he tells me about the double shower, toilet, vanity, and huge wall mounted mirror. Bathrooms are all the same I think to myself, as I stand there just gazing into Jason’s eyes.

He finishes his vocal tour of the bathroom, and turns toward me. “Oh” he says, his lips almost touching mine, as my face is upturned slightly to his.

“Would you like to sit on the loveseat while I tell you about the other things in your room”.

“Oh. Sure, that sounds good” I say as I retreat and sit on the loveseat.

My face and eyes follow Jason as he walks around the room, showing me all of the various items in the room. The night stand, conveniently stocks with all manner of personal lubricants, condoms, and the like. All within easy reach.

‘Condoms’, I think. ‘I want to feel that warm gift directly in me’.

And the mini-refrigerator with a freezer. And it is stocked with juices and bottled water already.

And I watch as Jason opens the various drawers of the vanity, showing me all the space to put my makeup and other personal items.

And next the desk, with a laptop for my use. Paper, pens, etc., etc. etc.

Finally Jason points to the door for the walk-in closet. Cubicle storage for shoes, three rods to hanging clothes. What more could a woman want. A woman want. Then it hit me; I’m not a woman. I’m still a virgin. A mature virgin. My eyes begin to tear up, and I just slowly look down at the floor.

“And the wall mounted LCD TV has lots of cable channels, and……”

“Michelle, what’s wrong” Jason speaks as he walks toward me. He kneels in front of me, places his left hand just above the knee of right leg and places his right hand on my chin and slowly raises my head.

“Michelle, you’re crying. What’s wrong? Is something bothering you? Do you not feel good?”.

“I’m… I’m a virg…..” I cry as I begin to cry.

Sniffling a bit, I force myself to finish. “Jason, I’m a virgin”.

“Oh”, he speaks. “Does Annie know?” he inquires.

“Yes, I told her that a long time ago. I assume she still knows it, since I have never spoken of me having a man take me”

“Well…. What do you want to do about it? How do you want to handle it?”

Looking into Jason’s eyes, and biting my lower lip, I slowly take his left hand in both of mine, and slowly slide them up my leg, under my skirt, and just above my stocking tops. Only stopping when I know his fingers can feel the bare skin of my inner thigh.

His eyes widen, and he speaks one word, “Oh”.

“Yes Jason, I am a virgin. But I want that to end now. With you. Please make that come true for me.”

“Oh”, again.

“Jason, please don’t leave me a virgin a moment longer”, I say, as I tilt my head and bring my lips to his. Finally, a man is kissing me. My eyes roll back in my head and my heart is about ready to explode out of my chest.

We finally break the kiss, and staring into each other’s eyes, he says, “Oh”.

With pleading eyes, I beg him, “please Jason. Please, I need you to take this burden from me. I’m begging you”.


I slide each of my hands under his armpits, and gently push up. Almost in a trance like state, he rises. I slowly press him back toward the bed. We stop as the back of his legs touch the bed.

I kneel down and remove each of his shoes and place them to the side. Then, as I look up into his eyes as he looks down in his still trance like state.

I then straighten up and come face to face with what, now still hidden, with take this bane of my existence, this virginity, from me. I unclasp his belt and again look up into his eyes. Next, clasping the zipper of his trousers, I slide it softly down. Slowly, like the unveiling of some beautiful sculpture, some beautiful work of art.

Slowly, I slide his trousers down his legs. I press my face lovingly against what lies hidden behind his underwear. I breath in his male scent. The scent of a man that knows how to please any woman that crosses his path. The scent of a man that I will pleasure, that will take me, make me his bitch, making me beg endlessly for more. The scent of a man that will light a bonfire of lust in me. A bonfire that cannot be extinguished.

I slowly pull the waistband of his underwear away from his body, and slide them over his half flaccid cock. The cock my mouth will soon savor, and lovingly bathe in my saliva. Finally exposed, I sit slightly back on my heels, and gaze at the beautiful male organ before me. I see an already average size cock, still half flaccid, waiting for my oral embrace. Then I see it, the first droplet of his pearly gift, shining in the light from the lamp on my dresser. I tentatively reach the tip of my tongue out and take it from him. I close my eyes and let my mind savor his salty gift. A sigh of a moan moves through me.

At once I am addicted. I crave more. I must have more. My head moves forward, lightly planting a kiss at the tip of his cock. It twitches against my lips. I begin to kiss down the side of his rapidly growing member. Each kiss coming more quickly than the last. Almost to a feverish pace. Finally I can stand it no more.

I gaze up at him, his eyes still in that trance like state. My mouth opens, my hands reach around to the back of his legs, and I pull him forward. Not slowly, forcibly; until he is firmly rooted in my mouth. I fight back any repulsive though of expelling the loving intruder from my mouth. He is where he belongs, in my mouth, and I shall not let him leave. I feel a new sensation, he is finishing the growing in my mouth; beginning his entry into my throat. I look up into his eyes. His head goes back, and for the first time he says sometime besides, “oh”.

“Fuck Michelle. Suck my cock”.

His hands reach out and find the back of my head as he slowly begins to extricate his cock from my throat. I whimper thinking he will pull all the way out. But no, he stops with just the head of his cock still in my mouth. I gently smile and begin to wash the head of his cock with my tongue. Then he plunges his now rock hard cock back down my throat; pressing my nose against him.

Again, and again, and again, the pulls back, then plunges forward. Each time quicker than the last. He groans and grunts with each removal and returning plunge down my throat. Holding my head firmly in place, using my mouth for what it was meant to be; an oral fuck hole for a man. A real man that knows what a woman’s place is. A real man who knows how to dominate his woman. A real man that knows he will mark his woman as his own. A real man that will give his woman her first taste of male seed, and begin her journey to womanhood; to take that first veil of virginity from her.

I moan with intense pleasure around his cock with each and every thrust of his organ. My eyes never leave his face, even as it falls forward, and rears back, his eyes closed or open, I stare intently at him.

Then finally, the moment of truth as that first veil is finally torn from me unceremoniously. I pull from my gaze as I realize he has grown even larger, even harder, the head of his cock pulsing wildly. Then I feel it. That first explosion of lust as it violently bathes my tongue. Spasm after spasm washes my tongue with its salty nectar. I do not drink it down. I let it pool on my tongue as my cheeks hollow, drawing more and more of his life giving seed from deep within his body. There is much nectar to draw forth. I will not let any of his gift escape the warm, wet confines of my mouth. I must hold it all in. I must not swallow any of it.

Slowly his spasms wane and I see in his smile he has finished. I very slowly, but with my lips still sealed around his shrinking cock, slide him from my mouth. I now hold him in my hand, the actual first time he has been in my hand, and kiss his tip.

I then sit back on my heels again, tilt my head back, open my mouth, and present to him the evidence of the warm, salty, gift he has generously given to me. He smiles a smile of one who is pleased with how the recipient has accepted her gift. I close my mouth at this acceptance, and begin to swallow. I swallow not once, not twice, but three times; to fully accept into my body this man’s precious gift to me.

My body is lighter now, having this first heavy veil torn from me. He has now seated himself on the bed, and I lean forward, my upper arms upon his thighs, my head resting on the arm draped on his right thigh, and gaze. Gaze at the beautiful cock that just mere moments ago helped begin my journey to joy, to happiness, to contentment. It still glistens in the light with my saliva. There is no trace of the seed the expelled into me. I would never defile any man’s precious gift my not accepting all of it.

“Michelle. Michelle”, he says. I look up into his eyes.

“Come up here and lay next to me”.

I smile, rise up, and slowly slither up next to him on his left side.
We were all meant to find a Jason with our first time. Love that man. And he was worldly enough to realize when Michelle was having her first orgasm. Nice touch. She transitioned so quickly. As my Mom used to say ... the problem with sex is once you have it you want more. Ain't that the truth.

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