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1/20 - A red letter day
Hi gurls, yesterday was truly the start of my actual new birth. I may have been conceived some years back, but yesterday my real entry into the world began. My daughter and I have been texting for weeks, slowly building from the first 'testing the waters' texts about my new attitude, till finally I told her I was a woman. But yesterday we went out to lunch. And we talked, face to face, about how I got to where I am. And no crying, or frowns, or raised eyebrows, or gasping in horror. And no acceptance, because she totally embraced me. She is incredibly supportive of me.

We even talked about the intimate side of me. What I wanted, and to make sure she fully understands what that involves. Funny, when I was looking at her, and telling her about me wanting to take a man in my mouth, my body just went all tingly, and I had a major body rush. And she sat and watched me, with a smiling smirk, just saying, "I know, I know". Wow. I have never had that happen to me.

After lunch, since it was at Cracker Barrel, and I really like their clothes; she helped me pick out a couple new tops. After I got home I tried the on, and even laid out my outfit to wear to my makeover tomorrow. The day was just so wonderful. If everyday could be like this.....

Love, Michelle Heart
A true coming out! Congratulations for having the courage to go there and engage your wonderful daughter!
Thank you Michelle, it means a lot. My daughter is wonderful. She is a single mother, and has had some rough times; and for her to be able to push that aside for awhile, just for mean, means the world to me. A side note; tomorrow is my first makeover, and I am going out, in broad daylight, dressed, to go there. I am nervous and excited, all at the same time. And a little worried about what I will look like. Heart  Michelle
Wow. A great story and very happy for you. Have fun at your makeover. Try to relax and enjoy it.

Jennifer  Heart  
Congratulations and big hugs to you, Michelle.  Such a huge step to take in your journey.  I hope your future reveals go as well.  Have a wonderful time at your makeover.

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