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This gurl's gonna get lucky.....
And sooner than later. I'm all signed up for a TGirl Nation cocktail party in DC on 2/16. I have a makeover scheduled for earlier in the day. Got a hotel room booked. It's going to be fun checking into the hotel as Michelle. Hell, they can't shoot me. They may laugh, but oh well, I really don't care! I'll have dinner in my room, and then head around the corner to the party. And with any luck, a nice gentleman may be kind enough to escort me back to my room. Oh well, I have to do it sometime. I'm certainly not getting any younger. Wish me luck! Love you all, Michelle
Hi Michelle, I wish you have the best time here of your life. It’s nice that you are going to experiment with different things and places and it’s good to discover new things. Must visit review website to learn.
4 more days til the party.   Looking forward to your stories about the party.  Heart
Anne, oh I will certainly be giving a play by play; or is it blow by blow (ha ha ha) account of the party. I wish you all could be there with me. I was told that there will be guys there, who 'admire' TGirls, and they aren't too subtle about placing a girls hand where they can show us how much they 'admire' us. So I am ready for that one. But I will be a good girl; well sort of. I will be safe and not do anything stupid. I certainly don't want to get carted away because someone caught me in a compromising position. Love ya, Michelle Heart Heart
MIchelle: I wish you all the best at the TGirl Nation cocktail party, I am envious of you that you can get to attend these functions as MIchelle, I am sure that your makeover and cocktail dress will attract many of the guys and cannot wait to hear about your adventure be safe all the best love you Erin
Sooo, what happened? How did it go?
Did you have fun?
Did you meet anyone? >hint, hint<
Before you can love another, you HAVE to love yourself first
I aim to misbehave
Jodie, yes, I had fun. Lucky? No..... Sad  But, I got to meet some wonderful ladies, and see how they all interact. I posted more on another thread. Love ya, Michelle Heart Heart

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